World war I/ All quiet on the western front timeline

  • Francis Ferdinand

    Francis Ferdinand
    Francis Feridinand is assasinated in Sarajevo. Ferdiand's wife also gets shot and killed. Pricip is the one who killed them both.
  • German support

    German support
    Kaiser william II promised German supprt for Austria against Serbia.
  • Japan declared war on Germany

    Japan declared war on Germany
    Japan declared war because of the alliance of Germany and Great Britain.
  • BEF

    BEF retreated from Mons.
  • Tannenburg

    Battle of Tannenburg begins.
  • Western Front

    Western Front
    First trenches on the western front
  • Christmas Truce

    Christmas Truce
    The unofficial Christmas Truce is declared
  • The Germans

    The Germans
    German U-boats sink the Lusitania.
  • Battle of Ypres

    Battle of Ypres
    Second battle of Ypres begins. Posion gas was first used by the Germans in this battle
  • Battle of Gallipoli

    Battle of Gallipoli
    The battle of Gallipoli begins.
  • Lusitania

    The Lusitania is sunk by German U-Boats
  • Italy

    Entered the war on the side ofo the allies.
  • Battle of Loos

    Battle of Loos
    The battle had started.
  • British Forces

    British Forces
    British surrenders to Turkish forces.
  • Naval Battle

    Naval Battle
    Naval battle of Jutland was fought between Britain and Germany.
  • USA

    USA declares war on Germany. USA demanded to sink German U-Boats.
  • Nivelle Offensive

    Nivelle Offensive
    The Nivelle Offensive begins.
  • France

    France launched and unsuccessful offensive on the western front
  • Paul arrival

    Paul arrival
    Paul arrives at the western front.
  • Constantine I

    Constantine I
    He abdicated.
  • paul

    paul gets injured
  • Peace Conference

    Peace Conference
    Conference was held in Paris dicussing peace between the countries.
  • Paul returns

    Paul returns
    Paul returns to the western front.
  • Treaty of Versallies

    Treaty of Versallies
    The treat was signed by the germans finally.
  • Marne

    The second battle of Marne begins.
  • Kat

    Kat past aways
  • poison gas

    poison gas
    Paul inhales poison gas.
  • Armistiice with Turkey

    Armistiice with Turkey
    Allies successfully pushed Turkish army back.
  • Austria

    Austria decided to make peace
  • Kaiser Abdicated

    Kaiser Abdicated
    Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated
  • Armistice

    The Armistice was signed at 11 A.M at the Redonthes.
  • Voluntary ceasefire along the western front

    Voluntary ceasefire along the western front
    Soldiers will celebrate christmas together.