World War I

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    World War I

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand's Assasination

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand were visiting Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia. He then was shot at point blank range while he was riding in an open car.
  • Austria delcares war on Serbia.

    Austria had wanted to go with war with Serbia ever since Ferdinand's assasination and was making rash decisions. Russian troops were then sent to the Austrian Border and this was the day that Europe started to fall apart.
  • Germany Declared War

    This was the day that Germany delcared was on Russia. Russia then asked for help from its allies France. After Germany declared war on Russia, it then declared was on France.
  • First Battle of the Marne

    The allies attacked German North of France in the Valley of the Marne River. The fight lasted for 4 days and the German general gave the order to retreat.
  • Developments on the Eastern Front

    the First Battle of the Marne was perhaps the single most important event of the war. The defeat of the Germans left the Schlieffen Plan in ruins. A quick victory in the west no longer seemedpossible. In the east, Russian forces had already invaded Germany. Germany was going to have to fight a long war on two fronts. Realizing this, the German high command
    sent thousands of troops from France to aid its forces in the east. (All Info from Modern World History)
  • Dardenallas

  • Submarine Warfare

    Germany knew that by using this method, that it could cause the United States to retaliate however they still decided to risk it.
  • Allies and Germany Clash

    British forces attacked the Germans northwest of Verdun. Each side lost more than 20,000 men the first day.
  • The Germans give Warning

    Germans announced that their submarines would sink any ship without warning in the waters of Britian.
  • President Asks to Delcare War

    President Wilson asked Congress to declare war. The U.S then entered the war on the side of the Allies.
  • Vladimir Ilyich Lenin seized power

    Lenin insisted on ending his country’s involvement in the war. One of his first acts was to offer Germany a truce.
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    The treaty ended the war between them. The treaty was extremely hard on Russia because it caused Russia to surrender land to Germany.
  • Second Battle of the Marne

    Germany and the Allies clashed in July. The allies however had 350 tanks smahing through the German lines and an addition 2 million american troops.
  • Then End

    After four years of slaughter and destruction, the peace had finalyl settled.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    The treaty between Germany and the Allies Powers was finally signed. The treaty created a League of Nations which was an international goal to have permanent peace between the nations.