World War 2

  • The Nazi party gets Adolf Hitler as a leader

    In this time, Adolf Hitler had become the leader of the Nazi Party. Due to him becoming the leader, it transforms him to becoming the Chancellor or Germany in 1933.
  • Treaty of Rapallo

    The Treaty of Rapallo re-established the diplomatic relations, and renounced financial claims. This was signed by the soviet union and by germany.
  • Joseph Stalin sole dictator of the Soviet Union

    Joseph Stalin had been named the sole dictator of the Soviet Union. In this time, he had instructed the Soviet Union as a dictatorship.
  • Manchuria, China has been seized

    In this date, Japan's Army had seized Manchuria, China. It was a false flag bombing against a japanese railroad that was locatec there. The blamed the Chinese dissendents for the attack.
  • Adolf Hitler becomes...

    In this date, Adolf HItler had be appointed the chancellor of Germany. This was made by the President, Paul Von Hidenburg. Under the controll of Hitler, Germany would soon start World War 2 with the invasion of Poland. Also this would start the rounding up of the Jews, which is as well known as the holocaust.
  • Italian Troops invades Ethiopia

    The Italian Troops marched in the Ethiopian which is in Africa. Thsi was the mark that had ended the Second Italo, Abyssinian War.
  • The Neutrality Act of 1935

    The Neutrality Act of 1935 was accepted in the United states which imposed a general embargo of trading materials. This was as well to insure that no harm would be done in the United States.
  • Adolf Hitler sends his troop to Rhinelands

    Adolf Hitler had demanded his to troops to go to the Rhinelands. This, to Germany, was a violation of the Versailles Treaty.
  • Japan's Violence on Nanjing, China

    In this time, Japan had attacked china. The place they had attackf rom china, was nanjing. They had killed about a quarter of millions of people.
  • The Allison Incident

    The Allison Incident was the straining relations between the United states and China. After that, the Japanese troops had finally reached the destination of the yellow river in china.
  • The Nazis begin rounding up the Jews

    The Nazis had begun to round the jews for labor camps which then turned ito being the execution camps. This was then later known to be the holocaust.
  • The Kristallnacht Pogrom

    The kristallnacht pogrom began in germany. Due to this, it caused for many jewish shops and synagogues to smash thorughout the country.
  • Nazi-Soviet Signed

    Adlof Hitler and Joseph Stallin had signed the Nazi-Soviet Pact. it was a non-aggression argument between the soviet union and germany. Althoug, the soviet union and germany were enemies, they still signed the pact.
  • Nazis invade Poland

    In this year, the Nazis had invaded Poland. Britain and France had declared war on Germany, in response to the invasion. This was then the beginning to the world War 2.