World War 2

  • Start of the German Revolution.

    Ended at 1919
  • 1924

    January 21
    Leader of the Soviet Union Vladimir Lenin dies, and Joseph Stalin begins purging rivals to clear the way for his leadership.
    April 1
    Adolf Hitler is sentenced to 5 years in jail for his participation in the Beer Hall Putsch (he serves only 8 months).
  • 1925 July 18

    Adolf Hitler's autobiographical manifesto Mein Kampf is published.
  • 1926

    Theodoros Pangalos declares himself dictator of Greece.
  • 1926

    Ukrainian nationalist leader Symon Petliura is assassinated by Russian Jew Sholom Schwartzbard in Paris.
  • 1926

    Emperor Taishō dies and his son Hirohito becomes the Emperor of Japan.
  • 1932

    Paul von Hindenburg is reelected President of Germany, defeating Adolf Hitler in a run-off.
  • 1933

    Nazi leader Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany by President Paul von Hindenburg.
  • 1933

    Germany's first concentration camp, Dachau, is completed.
  • 1935

    Mussolini Invades Ethiopia
    Italy, under the leadership of Prime Minister Benito Mussolini, invades Ethiopia.
  • 1936

    Hitler makes it mandatory for all males between the ages 10-18 to join the Hitler Youth.
  • 1938

    The Kristallnacht pogrom begins in Germany; many Jewish shops and synagogues are smashed, looted, burned, and destroyed throughout the country.
  • 1939

    Without response to its ultimatum, Germany invades Poland, start of World War II.
  • Period: to


  • 1939

    Britain and France declare war on Germany honoring their commitment to Poland.
  • 1940

    German fighter planes and ground troops pummel France. Hitler Defeats France Britain forces retreat from France and Adolf Hitler's armies defeat French forces.
  • 1940

    France Surrenders France is crushed, surrenders to Germany and signs an armistice. Great Britain now stands alone against the Axis powers.
  • 1941

    Germany Invades the Soviet Union
  • 1941

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
  • 1943

    Italy Surrenders
  • 1944

  • 1945

    Germany Surrenders