World War 2

  • German Soviet non- aggression pact

    It is a pact or a sign between Germany and Soviet Union that divided eastern Europe into German and Soviet spheres of influence before World War 2.
  • Hitler declares victory over Poland

    German troops on half - tracks roll into Poland andhad a sudstantial numeric advantage oover Poland
  • Germanany invades Poland

    Poland was t partitioned between the two powers, enabled Germany to attack Poland without the fear of Soviet intervention.
  • Soveit Invation of Finland

    At first Narzi German attrack on Poland. Polish state had collapsed in the face of German attrack and could no longer guarntee the securites it own citizens .It is ende in a decisive . And Russia achieved its targets.
  • German invades Holland Belgium and Luxembourg

    Englansd and France allies force tried to meet with German.Because German was invaded Holland Belgium and Luxembourg. Also these coutries are neutrality and he respest air bases to against war Franch and England.
  • German U-Boat Sinks HMS Royal

    Greman submrine Royal Oalk was anchored at Scapa Flow in Orkney, Scottland. It became to be in the world war 2
  • U,S declares neutrality

    the legacy of the Neutrality Acts is widely regarded. They made on ditintion between aggressor and victin, and they limited the US government's to aid Britrain and France against Nazi Germany
  • Soviet Unino expelled from the league of Nations

    Soviet Union Expelled from the league of Nation in December 14 1939 because of invasion to Finland.Also invasion of other countries they fear to spread of communism.
  • Janpan estabishes puppet government in Nanking

    japanes declared on Nanking to be the center of a new chinese government a regime controlled by Wang Chin wei a defector from the Nationalist cause and now a Jappenese puppet.
  • Germany invaded Denmark and Norway

    Germany invaded Denmark and Norway on the 9th April 1940.German warships enter major Norwegian ports from Narvik to Oslo deplyed German troops and occupied to Norway.At the same of time Denmark was occupied by German.
  • Italy declares war on Britain and France

    Italy and Germany were alliens in the battle. Germany occupide paris. In initial ,they shave to take part. But they spoil sharing hurry , because Britain and France were woo him with promise of territorial.
  • Italian forces invade Egypt

    Italian invade Egytp of the Egypt to advansce into Egypt and attack any force confronting the adcance and to seize the Suez Canal to force Libya whould have to advance across norther Egypt to the canal.
  • Gernany troops enter Paris

    Gernany occupite Frence and retook pairs
  • Soviet take overs Estonia,Latvia and Lutheran

    Soviet occupied three Baltic states or blood brother because they want made up Communist and fellow travelverr.
  • First Gemany air raids on london

    The German air raids on london on 7th September 1940.Adolf Hitlar attempt to invade Britain and then try to crush the British people instead.Also they want to invade island.So they bombed in london.
  • Italy invades Poland

    Mussolini's army occupying Albania, invades Greece in a disastrous military campaign for the Due's forces.
  • First RAF ( Bertish Air Force) air raids over Berlin

    The RFA attacked Berlin between the night of Novermber 18 1943 and March 1944.They believe that the German sixth Panzer Arm train on its way to the Easterm front. The raid killed about 3,000 Berliners.