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World War 2

By dxc6411
  • Treaty of Munich

    Treaty of Munich
    Adolf Hitler of Germany, Chamberlain of England, Daladier of France and Mussolini of Italy met in Munich and agreed that Hitler should have the Sudetanland of Czechoslovakia. There was no one at the meeting representing the Czechs and realising no country would come to their aid they were forced to Surrender to Germany. Hitler signed a paper proclaiming "peace in our time"
  • Hitler Invades Czechoslovakia

    Hitler Invades Czechoslovakia
    Despite what Hitler said in the treaty of Munich he invades the whole country of Czechoslovakia and then occupied the whole country. This was the first country Hitler conquered and this led him to take over other countries too.
  • Russia and Germany sign pact

    Russia and Germany sign pact
    Hitler and Stalin, the dictator of Russia signed a non-aggression pact, because Hitler knew Germany wouldn't be able to take on 2 fronts, which included secret clauses for the division of Poland.
  • Britain and France Declare War on Germany

    Britain and France Declare War on Germany
    War was declared on Germany by Britain and France. Neville Chamberlain announced that war was on. ALthough in the months following this was considered the "phoney war" because Britain sought no military action
  • Chamberlain resigns

    Chamberlain resigns
    Neville Chamberlain resigned after pressure from Labor members for a more active prosecution of the war and Winston Churchill became the new head of the wartime coalition government. Chamberlain gave Churchill his unreserved support. Ernest Bevin was made minister of labor and recruited workers for the factories and stepped up coal production. Lord Beaverbrook, minister of Aircraft Production increased production of fighter aircraft.
  • Italy and Germany attack

    Italy and Germany attack
    Italy and Germany attack Yugoslavia, Greece and the island of Crete. German field Marshall Erwin Rommel led the axis powers back to North Africa.
  • Italy surrenders

    Italy surrenders
    Mussolini was thrown out of office.The new government of Italy surrendered to the British and U.S.A who then agrred to be allies.The Germans took control of the Italian army, freed Mussolini from imprisonment and set him up as head of a puppet government in Northern Italy. This blocked any further allied advance through Italy.
  • D-day

    Germany's forces in Normandy, Western France were attacked by Allies. Thousands of transports carried an invasion army under the supreme command of general Eisenhower to the Normandy beaches. The Germans who had been fed false information about a landing near Calais, rushed troops to the area but were unable to prevent the allies from forming a solid bridgehead. For the allies it was essential to first capture a port.
  • Hitler Commites Suicide

    Hitler Commites Suicide
    The German leader, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his bombproof shelter together with his mistress, Eva Braun, who he had, at the last minute, made his wife.
  • German Forces Surrender

    German Forces Surrender
    German, Holand, and Denmark's German forces surrender to Montgomery on Luneburg heath. Admiral Donitz, whom Hitler had nominated as his successor, tried to reach agreement to surrender to the Western allies but to continue to fight the Russians. His request was refused