World War 2

  • Soviet Nonaggresion pact

    Soviet Nonaggresion pact
    Stalin and Hitler signed a ten year non aggression pact.
  • Blitzkrieg

    Hitler sent his troops to conquer poland in a suprise attack
  • Stalin's Troops

    Stalin's Troops
    Stalin sent troops to occupy the eastern half of poland. He wanted to annex countries north countries.
  • Germany invades Norway and Denmark

    Germany invades Norway and Denmark
    Hitler launched a suprise attack on Denmark and Norway
  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    Hitler's plan to knock out the royal Air force and land 250,000 soldiers. Britain fought back hard, Hitler later called of the attacks
  • Hitler invades moves west

    Hitler invades moves west
    Hitler attacks Netherlands, Belguim, and Luxemburg
  • Hitler defeats Allied forces

    Hitler defeats Allied forces
    Hitler's Forces trap Allied forces around French city Lille
  • Britain Strikes back

    Britain Strikes back
    The British fought back in result in a disaster for the Italians. Germany sent their Afrika Corps and the British retreated to Tobruk
  • French are Defeated

    French are Defeated
    French forces surrender
  • Batttle of North Africa

    Batttle of North Africa
    Mussolini attacks british controlled egypt
  • Germany Attacks the USSR

    Germany Attacks the USSR
    Germany launched an attack on the soviet union. The Soviets were not prepared, they retreated