World War 1 in 1918

  • Germany is only producing 50% of the milk it had been before the war

  • Period: to

    Influenze Pandemic

    Killed more people than the Great War; most devastating epidemic in recorded world history. More people died from this disease in a single year than in four years of the Black Death Bubonic Plague (from 1347-1351). The Influence Pandemic is also known as the Spansh Flu or the Grippe.
  • Wilson gives Fourteen Points speech to Congress

  • Russia signs the treaty of Brest Litovsk with the Central Powers

  • German Spring Offensive Begins

    Germans lauch an attack on the British at the Battle of Picardy using highly explosive gas shells and gain huge advancements. Marks the beinning of the Ludendorff Offensive
  • German forces cross the Somme River in France

  • Allied front line is broken

  • Germans are stopped at Moreuil Wood

  • Period: to

    Battle of Lys

    Second German Spring Offensive
  • German flying ace, Baron Manfred von Richthofen, is shot down

  • Germany occupied Finland

  • American troops are sent to the front lines

  • Romania signs peace treaty with the Central Powers

  • German offense is halted by Allies on the Western Front

  • Mutinies begin in the Austria-Hungarian armies

  • Third battle of the Aisne

  • US forces fight in their first major action at the Battle of Cantigny

  • Battle of Chateau-Thierry

  • Battle of the Matz

  • Italian prevail against Austria-Hungarian forces at the Battle of Piave

  • Seocnd battle of the Marne begins

  • Tsar Nicholas, his wife and children are murdered by the Bolsheviks

  • Allies begin major counter offenses

  • Allies foil German attack at Chateau-Thierry

  • The greatest air assault in the war is launched by the US

  • Wilhelm II is pressured into accepting Bulgarian surrender and signs an armistice

  • Wilhelm II names Prince Max von Baden as chancellor of Germany

  • Wilhelm II hands parliment authority on military decisions

  • Polland declares itself an independent state

  • Germany agrees to withdraw forces form France and Belgium

  • Battle of Sharqate

  • Germany announces end to submarine warfare

  • American's break through German defenses at Meuse

  • Many German cities had been taked over by workers' and soldiers' councils

  • Austria signs armistice and begins to withdraw forces

  • German Revolution begins

  • Max von Baden announces abdication of Wilhelm II

  • German delegations begin formal armistice negotiations at Compiegne

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II flees to Holland

  • German Republic is founded

  • German signs armistice, formally ending the war

  • Germany condemned to economic weakness

    Germany had lost 2 million men in the war. These men had been the country's workforce and were irreplaceable.