world war 1

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  • world war 1

    world war 1
    archduke and his wife were killed
  • A world war begins

    A world war begins
    japan was a rival of Germany in Australia
  • submarines take their toll

    submarines take their toll
    the Germans could not match the British blockade
  • new weapons on the battle field

    new weapons on the battle field
    German used poison gas to kill or seriously injure people
  • supplying the allies

    the british were running low on war supplies and on food
  • the Americans join the battle

    while revolution shook Russia and Germany went on the attack
  • mobilizing the nation

    after the united states declared war on Germany in 1917 Americans began to focus on getting ready to fight the war
  • doughboys

    they saw their very first serious fight in june 1918
  • the end of the war

    the end of the war
    while Germany struggled on the western front its allies faced defeat elsewhere
  • allies offer little support

    the allies did not invite Germany or Russia to the peace talks
  • building public support

    antiwar feeling remained strong evan after the United States entered the war
  • suppling the war effort

    now at war the country had had to produce food not only for its own but needs but for the allies
  • the treaty of versailles

    the allies signed the treaty of versailles