world war 1

  • advisor goes to europe

    president wilson sends edward house to europe his task was to see how bad all the strain was between all of the european powers. edward reported that there was a thin line between peace and war and only needed a little spark to start war
    not engauged
  • archduke assinated

    archduke franze ferdinand and his wife sophie where visiting the capital of bosina. it was a tense relationship with the provinse because a few years befor the country got taken over austria hungry when he viseted there where sevral teriest members that boomed his car and failed then he got shot in the car that started a chain reaction and a few weeks later that austria hungry declared war on suriba
    stayed nutral
  • policy of nutality

    president wilson declared the policy of nutality meaning that the U.S. could not take sides in this conflct instead of going to was we would sell wopons and give loans to both sides wilson told americans that we had nothing to do with the war and that the effects would not harm us
    still nutral
  • stale mate

    at the end of 1914 both sides came to a stale mate. both sides refused to make a truce but no one could win either way.
    still nutral
  • u-bow

    the germans found a way aroung=d the blockade that the british enforced so the created a submarine that would break the blockades and stoped the suplys from getting th the allies. germey also declared the waters surounding britan a war zone and would sink the war ships with out warning.
    still nutral
  • sinking of the lusitania

    a u-boat sank the british ship called the lusitania 120 americans out of the 1,198 that died theadore rossevelt charged with murder on the high seas
    still nutaral
  • The letter

    A letter from Secretary of state to the United States Abassador to the Germans stateing that the Germans will stop all undeclared u-boats from attacking. This was sent due to the bombing of the Lustiania on May 7, 1915. It also made it clear that Germany was violating the rights of americans on the high seas.
    still neutral
  • the gramans sink british ship aribick

    four months later after the bombing of the lusitonia the gremans sank the british ship killing 2 americans. wilson sends another protest saying "stop bombing passenger ships" in march the germans ship sussex pledge and injered sevral americans
    still nutral but really mad
  • way to end the stale mate

    wilson gave a speach to the senet saing he wished he had a way to end the stale mate in europe. he wanted to form a leage helping nations settle conflects peacefullally. germany responded by lanching and effort to end the was and returend to un restrected submarine warfare wilson broke off all relations with germany
    still nutral
  • mexico

    germany sent a note to the german minister in mexico. germany sujested that mexico become their allies. germany prommised that they would retun lost territorys in mexico
    still nutral
  • U.S, enters war

    wilson said nuralidy is no longer and option due to american deaths. many of the citisens wanted to remain m=nutral but senite did it anyway
    go into war
  • war ended

    the end