World war i q5

World War 1


    Gavrilo Princip assassinates Franz Ferdinand.
  • Period: to

    "The Great War"

    From begining to end the world had never seen a war like this, World War 1.
  • WAR and alliances

    WAR and alliances
    Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. August 2, 1914 - Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and Germany sign a secret treaty of alliance.
  • First Battle of Marne

    The first battle of Marne begins
  • Period: to

    First Battle of Marne

    German troops poured into Belgium and France on. Germans pushed the battle back to Marne.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Liège

    The length of the siege of Liège may have delayed the German invasion of France by 4–5 days
  • Got Gas?

    Got Gas?
    Poison Gas used for the first time in war
  • Wow Tanks :)

    Wow Tanks :)
    Tanks were used for the first time in the war.
  • Battle of Verdun

    The battle of Verdun begins
  • Period: to

    Battle of Verdun

    First World War on the Western Front between the German and French armies
  • Battle of the Somme

    Battle of the Somme
    British forces suffereed some 60,000 casyakties in a single day. This four-month long battle left more than 1 millions dead.
  • Battle of Somme

    The battle of Somme Begins
  • Period: to

    Battle of Somme

    also known as the Somme Offensive, was a battle of the First World War fought by the armies of the British and French empires against the German Empire
  • U.S.A.

    U.S. troops join the fighting in Europe