world war 1 (1914-1918)

By caz007
  • Germany declares war on France and Belgium.[7]

  • The Russian army enters East Prussia. Battle of Stalluponen.

  • The Germans attack the Russians in East Prussia. The attack is a failure in addition to being a deviation from the Schlieffen Plan.[13]

  • Battle of Gorlice-Tarnów: the German troops under General Mackensen break through the Russian lines in Galicia.

  • Battle of Erzurum.

  • Battle of Rafa. The British drive the Ottomans out of Sinai.

  • Battle of Vittorio Veneto. The Austro-Hungarian army is routed. The Italians enter Trent and land at Triest.

  • Treaty of Versailles between the Allies and Germany: the Peace Conference opens in Paris

  • Treaty of Kars between Bolshevik Russia and Turkey.

  • Treaty of Rome between Italy and Yugoslavia. Fiume is annexed by Italy and the neighboring town of Sušak is assigned to Yugoslavia.