World War 1

  • The beggining

    Francis Ferdinand assassinated at Sarajevo a video of WW1Francis Ferdinand assassinate
  • Period: to

    World War One

  • this is war

    Austria declares war on siberia
  • Belgium is mine

    Germany declared war on France and invaded Belgium

    Great Britain declares war on Germany
  • The British Expeditionary Force

    The BEF started its retreat from Mons. Germany invaded France.
  • the soviets are down

    Russian army defeated at Tannenburg and Masurian Lakes by the germans
  • Gobble Gobble, were with Germany

    Turkey entered the war on Germany’s side. Trench warfare started to dominate the Western Front.
  • Stairway to Britian

    The first Zeppelin raid on Britain took place
  • Bombs Away

    Britain bombarded Turkish forts in the Dardanelles
  • Allie's Strike

    Allied troops landed in Gallipoli
  • Germans Suck

    The “Lusitania” was sunk by a German U-boat
  • Italy Declares War

    Italy declared war on Germany and Austria
  • Germans Warsaw Invading Russia

    The Germans captured Warsaw from the Russians
  • One War, One Battle

    Start of the Battle of Loos
  • War isnt every thing

    The Allies started the evacuation of Gallipoli
  • Sighn Me Up

    Conscription introduced in Britain
  • Another Day, Another War

    Start of the Battle of Verdun
  • We Wave the White Flag

    British forces surrendered to Turkish forces at Kut in Mesopotamia
  • Jutland

    Batttle of Jutland
  • Front Lines

    Start of the Brusilov Offensive
  • Another Battle

    Start of the Battle of the Somme
  • You may Have won the Battle, But the War rages on

    End of the Brusilov Offensive
  • Tanks A'Hoy

    First use en masse of tanks at the Somme
  • Rank Up

    Lloyd George becomes British Prime Minister
  • We All Live In the Yellow Submarine

    Germany’s unrestricted submarine warfare campaign started
  • U.S.A Today

    USA declared war on Germany
  • French Fail

    France launched an unsuccessful offensive on the Western Front
  • Third Times the Charm

    Start of the Third Battle at Ypres
  • Epic Fail

    Battle of Caporetto – the Italian Army was heavily defeated
  • Huston we Have a Problem

    Britain launched a major offensive on the Western Front
  • The Queen has Won

    British tanks won a victory at Cambrai
  • Russia throughs in the towals

    Armistice between Germany and Russia signed
  • Its Gone

    Britain captured Jerusalem from the Turks
  • where Through

    The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed between Russia and Germany.
  • and the little train said, it think i can, i think i can

    Germany broke through on the Somme
  • Prestige Mode

    Marshall Foch was appointed Allied Commander on the Western Front
  • Homer v.s Flanders

    Germany started an offensive in Flanders
  • One Broken German Army, served up Hot

    Second Battle of the Marne started. The start of the collapse of the German army
  • We Got Through

    The advance of the Allies was successful
  • Thanksgiving

    Turkish forces collapsed at Megiddo
  • We...Surrender

    Germany asked the Allies for an armistice
  • Forces Down

    Germany’s navy mutinied
  • We Quit Too

    Turkey made peace
  • The Wars Coming to an End

    Austria made peace
  • William No. 2

    Kaiser William II abdicated
  • Im Coming Home

    Germany signed an armistice with the Allies – the official date of the end of World War One.