World War 1

  • Causes of World War 1

    Causes of World War 1
    four main causes of ww1The four main cuases of WW1 were Militaryism, Impearialism, and Nationalism.
  • The Allies Vs the Central Powers

    The Allies Vs the Central Powers
    central powersalliesThe central powers were composed of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey. The Allies are The rest of Europe, Russia, U.S.A., Japan, china and some other small countries.
  • Assasination of Franz

    Assasination of Franz
    reason for Franz's assasinationFranz Ferdinand was Assasinated by Serb nationalist Gavrilo Princip because, he was part of a serbian secret terrorist group because of protest.
  • The fighting begins

    The fighting begins
    Battle of liegeThe fighting broke out when the battle of lige happened. This was when the Germans invaded Belgium and began thier fear campaighn through thier.
  • Period: to

    Life in the trenches

    videoLife in the TrenchesLife in the trenches generally was awful. There was the smell of rotting carcuses, rats, overflowing latriens, risk of getting shot at, and the awful results of trench-foot and other diseases
  • Period: to

    Women's Roles in the War

    Women had a crucial role in WW1 becuase they were highly unemployed before and they were their to take the jobs when the war began to beging cranking out amunition in the factories and other important war goods.
  • The Brittish Blockade

    The Brittish Blockade
    The sinking of the LusitaniaThis blockade put in affect by Britain to cut off supplies from the outside world to drive Germany into helplessness. The effects from this were devastating to Germany's population driving millions into starvation because they could not get the rescources they needed. Also Germany had a blockade set up on Britain so the U.S could not give them supplies. This led to the sinking of the Lusitania
  • The Lustitania

    The Lustitania
    videoThe Lustitainia's sinking The lustitania was sunken by a German U-Boat for entering the declared war zone. This resulted in 198 deaths and it greatly angered Americans and pushed them towards war even more.
  • The Great Migration

    The Great Migration
    On this day the allied fronts accross Europe were all pushed forward into German territory, because of the great fighting of the allies
  • Election of 1916

    Election of 1916
    Election of 1916Woodrow Wilson is the man that emerged victorius in this election, when he ran against Roosevelt, and Taft. The reason why he won was because of his different skills and he was the democrats new huge canidate for president for a long time.
  • The Zimmerman Note

    The Zimmerman Note
    videoThe Zimmerman noteThis telegram was discovered by British and American cryptographers. It was Germany trying to get Mexico to help them fight the war and in return they would get U.S. territory. This was the big reason that we went into WW1.
  • America joins the fight

    America joins the fight
    America Declares War on GermanyOn this day the U.S. Formally declared war on Germany. The main reason why was becuase Germany was trying to secretly attack us the Zimmerman telegram, as a proof. Another thing was this was going to be another big thing that would be influenced by earlier problems with Germany, When they sank the Lustitania.
  • The CPI

    The CPI
    The CPI is the Commitee on public information. Its leader is George Creal. What the CPI did was to sell the war to the Americans in a way. Like liberty bonds and they would promote a pro war atmosphere.
  • The Selective Service Act

    The Selective Service Act
    Selective Service ActThis act was put in effect to recruit sufficiant men to fight in the U.S. Army. This made it so if you were from the ages 21 to 30 you would have to send your registration mail to the military. Soon this act would have its share of disagreements throughout the public but, they would be taken care of.
  • New Weapons

    New Weapons
    videoyou can see the majority of weapons on the left side of this sites pageNew weapons would change the wars for years to come. The bigest advancements were machine guns, poison gas, and tanks. Some other big ones were Flame-throwers, bigger artillery shells, Use of Airplanes and just more advanced guns.
  • The Espionage and Sedition Acts

    The Espionage and Sedition Acts
    These acts were put in place to keep people from telling Americans that the war is bad and they should not support it. They are pretty much telling America to not speak badly about the war.
  • Wilson's 14 Points

    Wilson's 14 Points
    Wilsons 14 points speechThey are a guideline of rules to reform in Europe after the war for the Central powers to follow. The Author of these 14 points is President Woodrow Wilson.
  • The Big Four

    The Big Four
    The big four were the four men that came together in France to decide the fate of Germany and its conditions to its surrender. These countries that met in France were: England, Italy, America, and France. The leader was Wilson.
  • The Armistice

    The Armistice
    On this day The Germans and the Allies called a peace treaty to stop the fighting.The Germans were all four Wilsons 14 pt. plan in resolving the conflicts between all of Europe.
  • Schneck v. the U.S

    Schneck v. the U.S
    This case was one that was involved with the Espionage and Sedition acts. What it was is the U.S. Gov. found out about Chuck Schneck mailing negative war lettters to U.S. Mail soldiers and draftees. He also was producing anti-war posters and other products like that. He was eventually found guilty.
  • The Treaty of Versaillies

    The Treaty of Versaillies
    The treaty of Versaillies was the official end of WW1. The terms of this treaty were how Germany and the other central powers would be able to continue their lifestyles now that the war was over. In the treaty Germany lost much of its land, and its military was reduced to only 100,000 men. Their navy was stripped of its submarines and it could only haul 10,000 lbs of cargo. All in all Germany was severly punished.
  • Final Statistics after The War

    Final Statistics after The War
    There were over 15 million deaths that came from this war and they spent over 337 million dollars in this war altogether.
  • Maps of Europe before and After the War

    Maps of Europe before and After the War
  • League of Nations

    League of Nations
    The league of nations was president Wilson's big idea that would be for after the war that European nations and other countries could create an organization to watch out for uprises from the Central powers in further years. To preserve Europe.