World War 1

  • Start of the War

    Start of the War
    The War started in the summer of 1914, no exacted date so I decided the begging of the summer would be good enough.
  • Period: to


  • Battle of Somme

    Battle of Somme
    This battle was important because after a week-long artillery bombardment launched the now infamous "Big Push" attack across the river Somme. With the French Army being hard-pressed to the south at Verdun the British intended to breakthrough the German defences in a matter of hours.
  • The, third, Battle of Ypres

    The, third, Battle of Ypres
    There were in fact three battles fought around the Ypres salient during the War. However, it is the long-planned offensive of July 31, 1917, that holds the most significance. Here, a combination of over-ambitious aims, appalling weather conditions, and misguided persistence by Haig led to horrific losses.
  • Battle of Cambrai

    Battle of Cambrai
    The British launched the first full-scale offensive that was designed exclusively to accommodate the British secret weapon, the tank (so-called because when the first shipment came from England they were described as water tanks to maintain secrecy).
  • End of the, first, War

    End of the, first, War
    The end of the War was a release of stress for pedrestrians. This war was supossed to be the end of all wars...but, soon, WWII would become vivid.