World History Timeline - Disney Edition

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    Mulan was during the Han and Tang Dynasty, she was based of a poem from ancient China. The Poem is called the Ballad of Mulan, her name in poem is Hua Mulan.
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    Death of Ziying

    Ziying, the last ruler of the Qin Dynasty of China
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    Han Dynasty

    Han Dynasty was founded by Liu Bang.
  • 550


    Jasmine is based of the Princess Badroulbadour from an old Aarbic folk tale Aladdin.
  • Jan 29, 1450


    Northern Italy is where she would live, as Italy is still made up small countries and not formed into just one yet. Even though She is based of "The Beauty sleeping in the Wood" by Charles Perrault, which was print in 1697, she is put in the 1450's time period.
  • Apr 15, 1450

    French defeat the English

    Franch defeat the English Battle of Formigny
  • Nov 4, 1450

    Machu Picchu

    Construction of Machu Picchu begins.
  • Oct 19, 1453

    End of 100 Year's War

    French defeat English a second time in the Battle at Castillon, finally ending the war
  • Feb 23, 1455

    First Bible

    Johannes Gutenberg writes down the very first version of the bible.
  • New Foods and Drinks

    New foods were introduced to England (mainly for the rich), those foods were banannas, chocolate, and pinapples. Along with the foods, came new drinks such as tea and coffee.
  • The Plague

    The plague broke out in London, in the years 1603, 1636, and 1665. With each outbreak it killed a large part of the population, but London always recoverd.
  • Pocahontas

    Disney Pocahontas is loosly based off of the real historical Pocahontas. She was known for her assocaition with the colony of settlers at Jamestown in Virginia.
  • Banqueting Hall in Whitehall

    Architect Inigo Jones introduced the classical style with building Banqueting Hall in Whitehall, which is the first purely classical building in England.
  • England's First Newspaper

    England's first newspaper was printed.
  • Naturalization Act

    Naturalizztion act passes and allows Jews to colonize in colonies in North America
  • Pennsylvania Ministerium

    First Lutheran denomination church the Pennsylvania Ministerium is founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • First American Shakespearean production

    First American Shakespearean production of Richard III in New York City.
  • Hannah Snell A Woman?

    Hannah Snell tells her soilders she is a woman.
  • Belle

    Bella is a traditional fairy tale, first written down by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve in 1740. She would have lived in Franch in the 1750's.
  • Cinderella

    Cindreralla is based of a fairy tale written down by Charles Perrault in 1697, called "Cinderella" or "The Little Glass Slipper."
  • Epidemiology - cholera

    John Snow found traces of cholera in a water pump in London, which leads to the start of Epidemiology.
  • Boyfriend & Girlfriend

    First time the terms "boyfriend" (1856) and "girlfriend" (1855) are found in works of writing.
  • Failed assassination of Napoleon III

    Eight people were killed and 142 injuried in the failed assassination of Napoleon III.
  • The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species which put forth the idea of evolution.
  • Death of King Cambyses I of Anshan

    After the death of King Cambyses I of Anshan, he is succeeded by his son Cyrus II the Great.