World History Timeline

By AWinter
  • 235

    3rd Century Crisis

    There were aggressive barbarians and it was ruled by Rivl Armies. Which led to war.. then plague came and damaged the Romans badly. Important because this all leads to economic depression.
  • 305

    Diocletian and Maximian willfully Step Down

    They ruled for a good amount of time and they reuilt Rome. Important because it would cause other rulers to step in.
  • 306

    Constantius dies

    His rule only lasts one year and its important because it leads to a civil war.
  • 306

    Galerius Promotes Severus to Augustus

    Trying to make the system to work like it as suppose to instead of they way most people, including the army, wanted it to work. Its important because it also led to civil war
  • 306

    Army wants Constantius' son to be Augustine

    The way the system was to work made this almost unacceptable, but the army all wanted Constantius' son instead of Severus. Important because this all wil soon lead to a civil war
  • 312

    Constantine converts Rome

    Constantine after the battle and his vision, converted to Christianity. Important because it led to the rest of Rome going into it with him
  • 321

    Chandraguptas Rule

    He creates the Maurya dynasty and creates well-organized bureaucracy. Important because he was the first ruler to use people as like agents to sneak around and gather imformation.
  • 323

    Alexander the Great Dies

    Alexander the Greats death ended their rule and conquering of the lands. Important because he led to them having a new, not as good, leader.
  • 324

    Constantine moves Capital

    Constantine moves the capital to a different place which in a way almost started a new beginning for the Romans. Important because in some senses this can be called the start of the fall of rome.
  • 325

    Council of Nicaea

    The council of Nicaea had some issues.. the main ones were between Arianism and the Trinity. Important because it also decided the date for Easter.
  • 356

    Alexander the Great is Born

    Alexander the Great was born and was the heir of his father, soon to be, King Phillip II. Important because he is raised up and became one of the most powerful rulers of all time.
  • 410

    Alaric Destroys Rome

    The Visigoths come back to Rome and detroy the garneries. Important because they destroy Rome, which was already weakened from their last battle.
  • 431

    Peloponnesian War

    The war lasts 27 years. Sparta had the geographic advantage. Important because it leads to Spartas short but dominent rule with the victory over Athens.
  • 475

    Romulus Augustulus

    He reigned from 475 to 476. He was deposed when he was 16. He was important because he was the last Western Roman emperor.
  • 476

    Odoacer becomes King of Italy

    Odoacer becomes the king of Italy and is the first barbarian to do so. Important because of the fact he didnt really care too much about ruling. He mainly just liked to battle and rarely cared about religion. Bad King...
  • 500

    Cyrus the Great Frees the Jews

    Cyrus the great frees the Jews from the Babylonians. Important because they spread out over the world, which is now known as Diaspora.
  • 532

    Nika Riots

    They were the most violent riots in the history of Constantinople. Important because half of Rome was burned down and 10's of thousands of people were killed.
  • 537

    Hagia Sophia was built

    The building of a new church. Important because it was the mixing of cultures that built it. The Fall of Rome had begun. There own culture wasnt even influencing their own buildings anymore.
  • 570

    Muhammad's born

    Its importnant because Muhammad later became God's Final Messenger. Muhammad was raised by his uncle. Muhammad is gods final messenger
  • Jan 1, 610

    Angel, Gabriel, appears during the night of meditation

    Its important because the angel offered Muhammad the first of many revelations that would make up the Qur'an eventually.
  • Mar 1, 625


    He is important because he created and empire that stretched from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterrianean Sea. Nebuchadnezzar was looked at as a crazy ruler.
  • Jan 1, 632

    Muhammad Dies

    Its important because that marked the end of Muhammads stride to keep on being Gods Final Messenger. Muhammad was extremely important in the involvement of Islam
  • Dec 17, 750


    The trojan wat comes from the epic poem writer Homer. Important because it gives us what we know about the Trojan War.
  • Dec 17, 1010

    Israelites Unite

    David unites the israelites into one kingdom. Important because Davids son leads to a decent rule after him. Solomon builds a magnificent capital.
  • Oct 28, 1020


    Founders of the first monotheistic religion, called Judaism. They are important because of the creation of the Torah.
  • Oct 28, 1380


    He came to rule in 1380 B.C. He is important because he order the Egyptians to abandon there worship to the gods and goddesses other than an Atom.
  • Nov 17, 1400

    Mycenaean Arises

    Mycenaeans come about conquering all of the Greece mainland and the Minoans of Crete. Important because they ruled over strong lands
  • Nov 20, 1453

    Fall of Constantinople

    Eastern Rome was captured. Important because this was the official end to Rome.
  • Jan 1, 1475


    She's important because she was the first female ruler recorded in worl history.
  • Dec 17, 1540

    New Kingdom

    It had the first female ruler, Hapshepsut. Important because it led to the expansion of Egypt.
  • Abraham recieves the 10 Commandments

    This happened when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. Important because it leds to the ruling of David and Solomon later on.
  • Hammurabi

    He's important because he brings most of Mesopotamia under his control and he published the first ever set of written laws called Hammurabi's Code.
  • Hammurabi's Code

    Its important because it was the first set of writen laws. It codified civil and civil laws. 300 laws were carved on a stone pillar.
  • Jesus Christ is Born

    Jesus was born and he was a huge reason why christianity spread. Important because his living was past onto his apostles and they continued his work of spreading gods message.
  • Abraham

    Abraham was considered the father of the Israelites. He is important because he made a coventant with god in 2000 B.C.
  • Middle Kingdom

    It was characterized by turbulance, corruption, and rebellion. Important because it causes the Egyptians to be conquered by the Hysksos.
  • Covenent with God

    It leads to the eventual spread of of Israels religion. Important because it led the Israelites into migration to Egypt.
  • A Christian Hermit see's Young Muhammad walking in the Desert.

    Its important because after they talked to him they were able to conclude that the sign of the prophecy was upon him.
  • Al-Mahdi Disappears

    Its important because he disappeared and is to never to return until the end of the world. Al-Mahdi was
  • 3rd Century Crisis End

    This was the end of a terrible era that impacted the Romans with harsh war, plague, and the exaustion of gold. Important because the rebuilding of Rome begins.
  • Diocletian comes to power

    He comes to power by "avenging" the emperor's death. People realize he does so and the annoint him ruler. Important because he notices that Rome is too big for a single ruler. So he splits it into 2 empires
  • Diocletian splits the Rome Empire

    Diocletian created tetrarchy and it divided Rome into 2 empires. Important because this could be called the start of the fall of Rome
  • Seige of Adrianople

    Roman soldiers were defeated by the Visigoths and Rome was forced to give land to the Visigoths. Important because it weakened the Romans and put them in a tough spot physically and mentally.
  • Franks rise to Power

    Franks rise to power and ferocious warriors unite with the catholic church.
  • Clovis

    He unites the Franks tribes into one kingdom and convert them to christianity. He is important because he had made the Franks way more powerful and had converted them to a different religion.
  • Nebuchadnezzar conquers Jerusalem

    Nebuchadnezzar conquers Jerusalem and destroys solomons temple. Imporant because this leads to Nebuchadnezzars powerful rule.
  • Israels Capital is Built

    Solomon builds the capital and a temple in Jerusalem. Important because it gave a place of worship.
  • Asoka becomes Emperor

    Conquers the Deccan region. he was horrified of violence and converted to Hinduism. Important because he creates a government bases on morality.
  • Israel Kingdom High Taxes

    The Israel kingdom revolts because of the high taxes. Important because it makes the kingdom split.
  • Theodoric the Great

    Conquers Italy and sets up sophisticated law system. Important because of those things and he also re-established Italy in peace.
  • Phillip II Conquers

    He gains power in 359 B.C. He is important because he created strong empire and had a son named Alexandra
  • Sargon created the first empire

    He was important because he was the first man to create empire and he also conquered the Sumerians.
  • Old Kingdom

    Ruled by Pharaohs who were believed to be both god and man. Important because it was the age when the pyramids were built for the deceased ones.
  • The Indus

    There isnt very much known about the Indus, but they are important because they were one of the first civilizations with sewer and plumbing.