world history time line

Timeline created by brblandov
  • Apr 21, 1300


    the rennasance begins in italian states
  • Apr 21, 1368

    ming dynasty

    the ming dynasty is founded in china
  • Apr 21, 1434

    medici family

    the medici family gains control of the government of flourence
  • Apr 21, 1453


    constanople falls to the ottoman turks
  • Apr 21, 1456

    gutenberg bible

    the first gutenberg bible is created the introduction of a printing press with a moveable type ushers in a printing revolution in europe
  • Mar 10, 1492

    christopher colombus

    1492: Christopher Columbus lands in what is now the Bahamas.
  • Apr 21, 1506

    mona lisa

    leonardo divinchi creates a famous work of art the mona lisa
  • Apr 21, 1517

    wittenberg theses

    martin luther posts his 95 theses in wittenberg germany this protest against church policy launches the protestant reformation
  • Apr 21, 1526

    muhgal india

    mongol and turkish invaders poured into russia agian
  • Apr 21, 1532


    spanish forces defeat the incan empire of south america
  • Mar 10, 1533

    queen elizabeth

    queen elizabeth was somebody who loved dancing nd music snd all sorts of art
  • Mar 10, 1543


    nivolaus copernicus had came up with the theory that all the planets orbit around the sun
  • Mar 10, 1543

    on the structure of the human body

    andreas vesalius published the first accurate study of the human body
  • Apr 20, 1580


    the slave training begins and many africans are shipped to america.
  • telescope

    galileo trained an experimented himself o useing his telescope in the night sky on a teescope he invented
  • pilgrims

    in 1620 the pilgrims landed in plymouth mass and later had the first thanksgiving
  • mayflower

    the mayflower arrived in what is now massechusets
  • pilgrims

    pilgrioms found plymouth colony
  • Thomas Hobbes

    Thomas Hobbes this is the origin of the modern idea of civil society, equality before the law and egoistic individualism
  • gravity

    isac newton first published how the laws of gravity works
  • boston tea party

    1773: The Boston Tea Party, angry colonists dressed as Indians dump English tea into Boston Harbor.
  • declaration of independance

    American Declaration of Independence determines the political evolution of the New World and the rise of American power.
  • bifocal glasses

    1780: Benjamin Franklin invents bifocal lenses.
  • first president

    1789: George Washington becomes the first president of the United States of America.
  • alessando volta

    alessando volta developed the first battery
  • illegal slavery

    1804: Slavery is made illegal in the northern states of the United States of America
  • illegal slavery

    Slavery is made illegal in the northern states of the United States of America.
  • european industrial revolution

    firat factories pen up in belgium setting off the european revolution
  • independance for mexico

    a creole started to want independance in mexico and it branched off and all of mexico cried for independance
  • Battle of Waterloo

    the Napoleonic Empire ends, and with it Napoleon’s ambition to rule and reform all of Europe.
  • gran columbia

    simonbolivar establishes gran columbia
  • underground railroad

    it was from 1820-1860 it had saved thousands of slaves lives
  • mexican independance

    mexico wins independance from spain
  • great reform act

    ist gives more british men the right to vote
  • photography

    french inventor louis daguerre perfects a effective method of photography
  • trading rights in china

    the treaty of nanjing gives britain trading rights in china
  • telegraph

    the first telegraph went from baltimore to washington dc
  • ireland hunger

    leads to widespread death disease and mass immagration
  • gold

    gold is found in caliufornie setting off influx of settlers
  • mexican american war

    Mexican-American War leads to annexation of what is now the southwestern United States.
  • henry bessemer

    henry bessemer developed a process to purify iron ore and produce a new substance steel.
  • czar alexander II

    czar alexander II emancipates russian serfs
  • american cilil war

    4 year battle between north and south will lead to end of slavery
  • gettysberg

    the battle of gettysberg took place
  • president lincoln was murdered

    1865: Lincoln is murdered; Andrew Johnson becomes president.
  • britain

    britain begins direct rule of india
  • labor unions

    germany legalizes labor unions
  • french canal

    the french built suez canal opens in egypt
  • franco prussian war

    the war leads to fall of napolean the third and founding of new french republic
  • red river war

    the red river war had taken place
  • telephone

    alexander graham bell invented the first telephone
  • lght bulb

    1879: Thomas Alva Edison perfects the electric light bulb.
  • panama canal

    construction began on the panama canal
  • tuberculosis

    in the 1880s a german doctor named robert koch identified the bacteria that causes tuberculosis
  • garfeild murdered

    1881: President James Garfield is assassinated; Chester Arthur becomes president.
  • automobiles

    karl benz recieved the first automobile patent
  • cables

    by the 1890s cables were starting to be used to transfer electricity
  • theodor herzl

    he organizes the first zionist congress for foundinmg of a jewish state
  • expansion of usa

    1898: Spanish-American War leads to the overseas expansion of the United States.
  • the womans sufferage movement

    the 1911 cartoon expresses the etermination of british women to win the vote
  • guglielmo marconi

    marconi transmitted a radio message from britain to canada useing morse dot and dash code
  • airplanes

    the wright brothers created the air plane
  • titanic

    british oceanliner sinks in north atlantic
  • 19th amendment

    women now have the right to vote
  • the great depression

    walstreet crashes causeing the great depression.
  • the great purge

    stalin had launched the great purge
  • world war 2

    britain and france declare war with germany after theyu invaded poland
  • hitler invades soviet union

    hitler invades soviet union and us issues $40 million t soviets
  • hiroshima

    us drops bomb in japan
  • galileo inquisition

    galileo is tried for inquisition for claiming that the earth moves around the sun