world history

  • steam engine

    steam engine
    It was a pump that was hand operated to rinse water from mines by suction made my condensing steam, it was made by thomas savery.
  • the spinning jenny

    the spinning jenny
    It was a early invention with multiple spindles to spin wool, it was invented by james hargreaves.
  • power loom

    power loom
    Is a machine that takes yarn and turns it into fabric in a short amount of time, invented in 1786 by Edmund cartwright.
  • cotten gin

    cotten gin
    A machine that changed the production of cotton and sped up the process for removing seeds, it was invented in 1794 by eli whitney.
  • locomotive

    It's a rail transport vielecal that gave the motor power to the train, it was invented by richard trevithick.
  • steam boat

    steam boat
    A boat operated by steam power invented by robert fulton
  • camera

    Its an instrument that can take a picture, invented by louis le prince and johann zahn.
  • telegraph

    It was a text message system, it was invented in 1837 by samuel morse.
  • sewing machine

    sewing machine
    A machine with a macatical needle used for sewing things such as clothes, invented in 1846 by elias howe.
  • dynamite

    Its a exposive / bomb that was invented by alfred noble
  • telephone

    A system that transports your voice over a distance by a radion or wire, invented by alexander graham bell
  • automobile

    It was a wheeled vehicle that used for transportation, karl benz was the inventor of the automobile.