World Events from 1914-January 8, 2014

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    World War I

    WWI saw the invention of the predecessors of today's modern weapons and fighting tactics: chemical weapons, machine guns, tanks, aircraft dog-fighting, and bombing from the sky. PBS-The Great War (World War 1)
  • National Council for the Social Studies is Founded

    National Council for the Social Studies is Founded
    The NCSS defined social studies as "the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence." NCSS Website
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    Great Depression

    Herbert Hoover was the President at the start of the Great Depression and was NOT re-elected in 1932 (he lost to Franklin D. Roosevelt). Great Depression Timeline
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    World War II

    There were 45-60 million people killed during World War II, 6 million of those were Jews. Videos of World War II
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Some of the ships that were sunk at Pearl Harbor are still leaking fuel. Remembering Pearl Harbor
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    Korean War

    General Douglas MacArthur was the designated commander of the unified U.N forces, but was replaced after publicly criticizing the U.S. policy and threatening the Chinese.
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    The war was estimated to cost about $200 billion.
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    Civil Rights

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 banned discrimination based on race, color, religion or national origin.
  • Sputnik: First Satellite is Launched

    Sputnik: First Satellite is Launched
    Sputnik was the size of a beach ball and weighed about 200 pounds. It's orbit of the earth took 98 minutes. Sputnik's Fiftieth Anniversary
  • First Man in Space!

    First Man in Space!
    Yuri Gagarin, a Russian, becomes the first human in space. He orbited for 108 minutes.
  • First Man on the Moon!

    First Man on the Moon!
    John F. Kennedy was upset that the U.S. was behind Russia in the Space Race and encouraged the American people to dedicate and commit the nation to safely landing (and returning) a man on the moon BEFORE the decade was out.
  • Watergate

    Gerald Ford, Nixon's predecessor, immediately pardeoned Nixon for all the crimes he committed or may have committed during his entire Presidency. Watergate Scandal
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    N.C.L.B. Mandate in Schools

    No Child Left Behind holds schools accountable for academic success and requires the state to test students every year (grades 3-8) in reading in math.
  • World Trade Center Attacks

    World Trade Center Attacks
    December 2001, Congress approves September 11 as "Patriot Day" to commemorate the anniversary of the attacks.