By dylanh
  • First womens rights convention

    Women and men held a convention in senca falls. They made a decleration called "Decleration of sentiments where 68 women and 32 men signed
  • The first National women's convention

    Worcester, Mass Holdes it first national women's convention. The conventions were held yearly
  • National Woman Suffrage Association.

    Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton created the National Woman Suffrage Association. Their primary goal of the organization was to achieve voting rights for women
  • AWSA

    Lucy Stone, Henry Blackwell, and others created the American Woman Suffrage Association(AWSA). This group focuses exclusively on getting voting rights for women.
  • Women suffrage law

    Wyoming passes their first women's suffrage law. Women then began serving on juries
  • NWSA and AWSA

    The NWSA and the AWSA merge to form the NAWSA. The NAWSA campaigns from state to state to get votes for women.
  • The National Association of Colored Women

    The NACW was formed, and it brought together more than 100 black women's club. The leaders in the black women's club movement include Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin, Mary Church Terrell, and Anna Julia Cooper.
  • National Women's Trade Union League

    the National Women's Trade Union League was established to advocate for improved working conditions and wages for women. The NWTUL has been used ever since
  • The Frst U.S. Birth-Control Clinic

    Margaret Sanger opened the first U.S. birth-control clinic in Brooklyn, N.Y. even though the clinic is shut down, 10 days later Sanger is arrested. Eventually she wins support through the courts and opens another clinic.
  • 19th amendment

    the 19th amendemnt let women vote. The women now vote every year