Women's suffrage

  • Elizabeth Candy Stanton

    Elizabeth Candy Stanton
    Born in 1815, dies
  • Susan Brownell Anthony

    Susan Brownell Anthony
    Born in 1802, dies
  • Harriot Blatch

    Harriot Blatch
    Formed the women's political union
  • Washington (state)

    Washington (state)
    Grants women suffrage
  • California

    Grants women suffrage
  • Oregon, Arizona, and kansas

    Grants women suffrage
  • Parade

    Women's suffrage parade got attaked by a mob
  • Alice paul and others

    Alice paul and others
    Break away from the NASWA and form the National Women's party
  • NWP post silent

    NWP post silent
    Beginning in January, NWP posts silent "Sentinels of Liberty" at the White House
  • Suffrage amendment

    Passes US house but the senate beats them in the vote by 2 tallys
  • NWP

    The NWP lights and guards a "Watchfire for Freedom"
  • Nineteenth Amendment

    Nineteenth Amendment
    The Nineteenth Amendment is ratified by Tennessee. It becomes law on August 26