Womens Sufferage

  • New Jersey; right to vote.

    New Jersey; right to vote.
    NJ grants the right to vote to all free inhabitants.
  • Period: to

    Women Sufferage

    How women won the right to vote.
  • New Jersey; Women, vote.

    NJ women lose the right to vote dur to a politician who almost lost his election; due to a womens bloc.
  • Mississippi; Married women can own proerty.

    Becomes the 1st state to allow married women to own land; property.
  • Seneca Falls Convintion

    Seneca Falls Convintion
    Over 300 men and women attend the Seneca Falls Convintion; where the Delacation of Sentiments is approved.
  • National Womens Rights Convintion

    National Womens Rights Convintion
    MWR convention is held. Over 1,000 delegates come and attend. From as far as california.
  • Sojourner Truth

    Sojourner Truth
    When a clergyman claimed women to weak and helpless to be givin the right to vote, Sojourner Truth, gave her famous speech; "Ain't i a women?" "
  • NWSA ; AWSA formed.

    NWSA ; AWSA formed.
    Two of the biggest Women's Sufferage organizations are formed.
  • Wyoming Women; vote.

    Becomes 1st state to grant women the right to vote.
  • Victoria Woodhull; congress

    Victoria Woodhull; congress
    V.W. becomes the 1st women to speak infront of congress. She claims women have had the right to vote sence the 14th and 15th admenments, her claim is opposed.
  • Victoria Woodhall; president

    Victoria Woodhall; president
    V.W. becomes the 1st women to run for president. Over 150 women try to vote in presidential election. Susan B. Anthony is arrested for her vote.
  • Womens Admendment; Anthony Admendment.

    Womens Admendment; Anthony Admendment.
    The admendment to grant women the right to vote is shown before congress and denied. The adamendment is put fourth before congress every year till it passes.
  • Massachusetts National Association

    They oppose th=o Womens Sufferage.

    The two BIG women's rights groups form to become one; bigger and stronger.
  • Women on congress

    Jeannette Rakin beomes the 1st women to be on congress.
  • Anthony Admendment; HOR

    The Anthony Admendment passes though House Of Representitives but not senate.
  • 19th Admendment

    19th Admendment
    The Anthony Admendment (now known as the 19th admendment) passes though senate makeing it a law; in U.S.A.