Women's Rights Movement.

By BKearse
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    Women's Right Movement Historic Events

  • Stanton Meets With Female Friends.

  • Seneca Falls Convention.

    This time, Stnaton and Stone decides to call on more women to “discuss the social, civil, and religious condition of woman”. The convention was set for July 19th and 20th, 1848.
  • The American Women's Suffrage Association Was Formed.

    This was formed in result of the American Equal Rights Association spliting because of the 15th amendment. Some people involved were Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell. Supports of this group were maily abolitionists who also believed in voting for the African-Amercican race. The AWSA belioved that the voting right would be easily achieved by state to state action.
  • Big Step In History.

    On Dcember 10th, in the territory of Wyoming passes the first Women's SUFFRAGE law. That upcoming year is when women were actually allowed to serve on juries. But only in that territory.
  • 1st State to adopt women's right to vote

    Colorado was the first state to adopt the amendment and allow women to actually vote. In order these states also adopted the amendment : Utah, Idaho, Washington State, Californica, Oregon, Kansas, Arizona, Alaska, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, New York, Michigan, South Dakota, and finally Oklahoma in 1918.
  • Alice Paul & Lucy Burns..

    These two women formed the Congressinal Union in hope of working toward the passage of a federal amendment to give women the right to vote. Later on, the group is renamed to "National Women's Party". This group parades outside of the white house and practices civil disobedience.
  • Margaret Sanger.

    She opened the first birth control clinic in Brooklyn, New York. The clinic was eventually shut down 10 days later and although she was arrested, she later on won support from the courts and re-opens another clinic in 1923.
  • Women Got The Right To Vote.

    On August 26th, 1920 Tennesee which was the 36th state to vote; finally approved the bill for women's suffrage. This day in America was not only estatic for women, but would change the lives of men as well.
  • More laws protecting women.

    The Violence Aginst Women Act stomps down on sex offenders. Fund services for victims of rape and domestic violence are set up, and special training for police is ensured.
  • 100th Anniversary for Women's Rights !

    In less than 9 years, it will have been 100 years that Elizxabeth Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone, and many others fought hard for women's rights not only to vote but to be treated equally. Today there are many women who are very successfull and that is all credited to these hard-working women.