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Women's Rights in American Art

  • First Women's rights movement convention

    First Women's rights movement convention
    It is held in Seneca Falls, New York. 68 women and 32 men sign a Declaration of Sentiments calling for the equal treatment of woman and man under law and voting rights for women.
  • NAWSA is formed

    NAWSA is formed
    The National Women's Suffrage Association is formed in 1890.
  • WTUL is created

    The National Women Trade Union League is formed to encourage better wages and working conditions for women.
  • First birth-control clinic

    Margaret Sanger opens up the first birth-control clinic in Brooklyn, New York. It only lasts for 10 days before she is arrested.
  • Federal Women Suffrage Amendment

    Federal Women Suffrage Amendment
    The Federal Women Suffrage Amendment, written by Susan B. Anthony, is passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate and sent to the states for ratification.
  • Women Allowed to Vote

    Women Allowed to Vote
    The 19th Amendment to the Constitution, allowing women to vote, is signed into law by Bainbridge Colby.
  • American Birth Control League

    Founded by Margaret Sanger in 1921, it evolves into Planned Parenthood in 1942.
  • Start of World War II

    Start of World War II
    Women are now being called into action to work. The lack of men on the homefront opens up factory jobs for women to work to support their families and their country.
  • End of World War II

    At the end of the war, many women are let go from their jobs to make room for the men coming back from the war. This only fuels the women's rights movement.
  • FDA approves birth control pills

    FDA approves birth control pills
  • NOW is founded

    The National Organization for Women (NOW) is founded by a group of feminists including Betty Friedan. The largest women's rights group in the U.S., NOW seeks to end sexual discrimination, especially in the workplace, by means of legislative lobbying, litigation, and public demonstrations.