Womens history timeline

  • Anne Hutchinson

    Anne Hutchinson
    Anne Hutchinson demands that women be allowed to speak in church settings like men can. In the end she ends up being banished from her church. This event opened up the idea for women to want to speak in churches even though Anne was banished it still opened that doorway.
  • The Cherokee Nation and gender equality

    The Cherokee Nation and gender equality
    The General Council of the Cherokee Nation goes for gender equality after the United States which excludes women from holding office and denies them the ability to work for the government or in a organization. This allowed for women to fight for there equal rights they were entitled to.
  • The World’s First Women's Rights Convention

    The World’s First Women's Rights Convention
    A convection held in New york for women and men to protest for women to have equal rights.This lasted for two days. This was a way for people to say/come together for women to get rights which was a big want in this time period.
  • Amelia Bloomer

    Amelia Bloomer
    Amelia Jenks Bloomer publishes the first women's rights newspaper.This was a big stepping stone for women. This encouraged women to keep fighting for their rights which several years in the future women received because of people like Amelia Bloomer standing up and talking/fighting for equal rights.
  • The New Constitution

    The New Constitution
    The North Carolina legislature passes a new constitution that grants women the right to own property and businesses, to work for their own wages, to sue in courts, to make wills, and to make contracts without their husbands' consent. This gives women more freedom and allows them to do mostly what men can do. In the past everything was through the husband and women just had to stay at home because that was there place in the world.
  • The American Equal Rights Association

    The American Equal Rights Association
    The American Equal Rights Association is founded. This association was the very first organization in the country to protest and support women's right to vote.This was a big turning point for women. They began more protesting for women's rights because of The American Equal Rights association.This was also a fairly big organization which was a major factor in women getting rights in the future.
  • Women Can Vote

    Women Can Vote
    All women except for black women were finally granted the right to vote.this event was a major event for women. Women can now do most of the things a man can do and are slowly getting to having full on equal rights.
  • Title IX

    Title IX
    9th Education Amendment requires that "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance."This was a major turning point for the United states. Now no one can be judged or denied something based on their gender which was a main conflict during this time. Women are now somewhat considered equal.