Women's Suffrage Timeline - Elina BOULANGER

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In History
  • Women's Social and Political Union founded by Emmeline Pankhurst

  • WSPU adopt motto "Deeds not Words"

  • Pankhurst arrested for protesting

  • More women arrested and start hunger strike in prison

  • Group of MPs form Committee to give women the vote, WSPU suspend more militant action

  • Protest led by Emmeline Pankhurst on Parliament known as "Black Friday"

  • WPSU attack more private properties. Pankhurst arrested for smashing windows on Downing Street and jailed for 2 months

  • Hunger Strikes in Prison - suffragettes demand to be recognized as political prisoners

  • Government drops Manhood Suffrage Bill

  • Cat and Mouse Act - Suffragettes on hunger strike can released and then re-arrested once they were well.

  • Period: to

    WW1 - All suffragettes released and women urged to support the war effort.

  • Representation of the People Act includes female suffrage for the first time. Women over 30 could vote in certain conditions

  • Women granted suffrage on equal terms to men