Women's History Timeline

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  • 1508

    La Malinche

    La Malinche
    The conquest of Mexico by the Europeans happened at this time. La Malinche was given over to the conquistador, Cortez as his slave and she translated for him while in communication with the Chontal Maya and her Nahuatl people. She also served as his right hand military adviser.
  • Pocahontas

    The settlement of Jamestown, Virginia occurred in 1609 by the British colonists and Pocahontas's land was taken over simultaneously. Once they had come, she became bridge between the Native people and the British and took on a guide/adviser role for the colonists.
  • Anne Hutchinson

    Anne Hutchinson
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  • Martha Ballard

    Martha Ballard
    Midwife's Tale: write about her job