• 1573

    Sophia Brahe

    Sophia Brahe
    Sophia Brahe was born August 24, 1559, Knutstorp Castle, Sweden. She collaborated in writing the catalog that detailed the position of the planets and the stellar background, and which served Johannes Kepler to announce his astronomical laws. And later he dedicated to horticulture, also making medicines.
  • Margaret Cavendish

    Margaret Cavendish
    Margaret Cavendish lived and wrote in the midst of the mechanistic revolution of the 17th century. She was born in 1623, Colchester, United Kingdom. She was the author of the first science fiction novel written by a woman. He made a philosophical rehabilitation of fantasy. He wrote several books on natural philosophy and, in addition to that, participated in many debates.
  • Maria Sibylla Merian

    Maria Sibylla Merian
    Merian as a respected naturalist began with the publication in 1679 of a book. He was born on April 2, 1647. Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She revealed unknown plants and animals in the Old Continent and established her as the first empirical entomologist, who traveled to observe and describe insects in their own habitat.
  • Maria Winkelmann

    Maria Winkelmann
    On April 21, 1702, Maria Margarethe Winkelmann became the first woman to discover a comet. She was born February 25, 1670, Panitzsch, Borsdorf, Germany. She was the most important and renowned astronomer of her time, publishing important works on the northern lights, the conjunction of the Sun with Saturn and Venus, and the prediction of a new comet in 1711.
  • Gabrielle Emilie Du Chatelet

    Gabrielle Emilie Du Chatelet
    Gabrielle Émilie de Breteuil, Marchioness of Châtelet was a French lady. Born December 17, 1706, Paris, France. This woman translated Newton's Principia and disseminated the concepts of differential and integral calculus in her book The Institutions of Physics, a three-volume work published in 1740.
  • Laura Bassi

    Laura Bassi
    Laura Bassi was one of the most relevant figures of the intellectuality of the flourishing Bologna of the 18th century. This was born on October 29, 1711, Bologna, Italy. He published more than thirty works, among them a good part were on Newtonian and Cartesian physics, being one of the first people to explain Newtonian physics in Italy.