Wolfsbane by: Andrea Cremer fiction

  • Wolfsbane pg. 1-115

    Calla wakes up in a strange place after being shot by searchers. Not knowing what is going on she tries to attack the searchers who are trying to make an alliance with her. They bring her to Shay who has sided with them and now knows his true self being that he;s the scion.
  • Wofsbane pg. 115-390

    Calla and the searchers fight against the keepers in a revolt that will save Calla's packmates and defeat her old masters. Ansel was deprived of the wolf in him and the keepers killed Calla's mother. When back in Vail Sabline, Bryn, Mason, and Nev escape with the searchers and calla but monroe and ren are left behind. Adne figures out in a letter monroe left her that ren is her brother and Calla and her go to get him back.