Wolfgang Pauli. World events.

By cfout24
  • Wolfgang born

    THis was the date Wolfgang Pauli was born.
  • Appointed at College

    In 1928 the Swiss Board of Education appointed him Debye’s successor as professor at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule.
  • Appointed professor.

    he was appointed Professor of Theoretical Physics at ETH Zurich in Switzerland where he made scientific progress.
  • Stock Market crash

    This day was when the stock market crashed.
  • Disocvery

    proposed in a letter to Lise Meitner and associates “the continuous β-spectrum would be understandable under the assumption that during β-decay a neutron is emitted along with the electron"
  • Bombing of pearl harbor

    this is when the united states joined world war two.
  • Nobel Peace Prize in Physics

    Wolfgang Pauli won the Nobel Peace priz in physics.
    Dont know the exact date he won it.
  • Wolfgang Pauli book

    C. G. Jung. and Pauli wrote a book.
  • neutrino hypothesis.

    he presented the history of this discovery in Zurich.
  • The death of Wolfgang

    This was the date that Wolfgang Pauli died.