WL The Giver by Lois Lowry Total pgs. 180

  • Ch. 1-6 pgs. 1-49

    Jonas and his family are preparing to go to the ritual. Jonas will figure out what job he does for the rest of his life. Asher is Jonas' best friend and they ride bikes together. Jonas begins having strange dreams before the assighnment day. He goes with Asher and they wait in the auditorium in suspense. Total pgs 1436
  • Ch 7-11 pgs 50-87

    Asher's job is the assistent director of recreation. During the assigment calling Jonas was skipped. Jonas was selected to be the next reciever of memory. This is the most important job in the community. Jonas goes to the Annex to get training. It is his first day with the Giver. total pgs. 1474
  • Ch. 12-15 pgs.88-120

    Jonas isn't having anymore strange dreams. A baby named Gabriel is staying with his family. His dad is taking care of him, but they are worried because he keepds crying. Jonas goes back to the Giver where he gives Jonas more memories. They talk about how to be a reciever. The giver shows Jonas a memory of pain, which he had never felt before. Jonas is in ppain and the Giver is sorry. Total pgs. 1507
  • Ch 16-18 pgs 121-145

    Jonas doesn't want to go back to the Giver becuase he doesn't want anymore pain. Then he goes back and the Giver gives him a memory of happiness and love. His community doesn't believ in love though. there was an unshecduled holiday. Asher gets mad at Jonas because Jonas can't play with him. Jonas is becoming more connected to Gabriel. There are twins born. The Giver tells Jonas of the reciever who failed her job becuase she couldn't handle memories of pain and she lost memories.
  • Ch 19-23pgs. 146-180

    they hope to release the memories to the people. The Giver is getting old and will be released soon. The yearly cermony is coming up, but the Giver and Jonas made a plan so Gabriel can escape instead of dying.Jonas brings Gabriel to the Giver and saves him and her heard people singing. totl pgs. 1567