WL I Am NUmber Four Pittacus Lore pg 440

  • Chapter 1-5 pg read 1-40

    First,number 3 gets murdered. Then, it goes to number four. Number four is from the planet Lorien. He ( number four) describes how he moved from his planet to Earth to help save his kind. he and eight other people along with guardians must be kileed in their numbered order. Then, he describes how moves whenever someone dies and he gets a scar. He moves to Ohio and at his new school his Legacies began. Total pgs. 40
  • chapter 5-11 pg 41-114

    Number four now called John becomes friends with a guy called Sam Goode from high school. With John's new legacies he is now fireproof. He gets in fights with a jock named Mark. John and his guardian Henri work on his leagcies and John has vision about the war that happened on Lorien. total pg 114
  • Chapter 11-15 pg 115-164

    John has more visions and goes to a parade for halloween with Sam. He talks to a girl named Sarah Hart. Then, John and Mark got in a fight in the woods. John beats up Mark and then leaves with Sam and Sarah. Total pgs 164
  • Chapter15-17 pg 164-190

    Henri is trying to help John work on his legacies and trying to help John make them work. John did workouts with henris. John begins dating Sarah. Henri shows John a glass orb that resembles Lorien and shows Lorien's current state. Sam likes learning about alien stuff and says stuff about the Mogadorians ( that want to kill) John. total pg. 190
  • Chapter 17-21 pg191-239

    Henri is concerned about what Sam said. Henri goes to the soucre of Sam's information. He seems to disappear. So John and Sam go looking for Henri. They find him with people who tied him up. They fight those people and escape before the Mogadorians find them. Henri and John tell Sam about themselves being aliens. total pg 239
  • Chapter 21-23 pg 240-276

    John can now lift objeacts with his mind. Henri helps him get better at this and his other powers. Henri is very nervous about what happened with the Mogadores and wants to leave, but John refuses so they stay in Paradise, Ohio for now. total pg 276
  • Chapter 23-34 pg 277-440

    John and Henri contiune to training. Then, during school the Mogadorians army comes and destroys the school. Henri, John, Sam, Sarah, Mark, and Number Six all battle against them. After hours of fighting they escape, but Henri is killed. John and Number six leave Ohio and on their way to hide once more. total pgs 440