Will smith

Will Smith

  • Willard Christopher Smith Jr.

    Willard Christopher Smith Jr.
    Born Sept. 25, 1968 In west Philly. He was also raised.
  • Inspiration

    His father tore down a brick wall in front of his office and told Will and his little Brother to rebuild, a task that they thought was impossible. But brick after brick they rebuilt it. And his father told him NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

    Will smith was recognized as a rapper in the late 1980s while he was in high school. It was him and a close friend. Smith was known as "Fresh Prince" and his friend was "Dj Jazzy Jeff"
  • Working

    He says he has always been a hard worker. When the other guys are sleeping he is working, when the other guys are eating he is Working. He is very motivated and has a drive in him to succeed and i think that is what has made him so successful
  • Acting career begins

    Acting career begins
    Wins the title role in the NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
  • Son

    Marries Sheree zampino and son Willard Christopher Smith III (Trey) is born
  • Bad Boy/Divorce

    Bad Boy/Divorce
    Stars in bad boys 2 with Martin Lawrence and also divorces his wife.
  • Marriage

    Marries actress Jada Pinket. They practice an open marriage which means both partners are allowed to be with other people.
  • Son #2

    Son #2
    Jaden Christopher Syre is born
  • Daughter

    Willow Camielle Reign is born
  • Oscar

    recieves best actor nomination for his role as Ali.
  • Powerful Actor

    America Newsweek declares Smith as the most powerful actor on the planet
  • $

    Smith is voted 2008’s top US money-making star by a survey of movie exhibitors.