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    Monique ### Wilks is born
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    Montero ### Wilks is born
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    A, A, & A

    Aamina, Asha, And Ayan Abioye Wilks are born.
    They’re triplets, and no one remembers whether Aamina or Asha is oldest- all they know is that Ayan's the middle one.
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    Samarian Winston Wilks is born.
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    Aa & A (W)

    Aamina and Ayan start a café/bookshop in a town quite a bit south of where they grew up. After realising that economy maths/business stuff etc is the fckin worst, plus that it can be a little difficult w time due to Ayan's second job as a truck driver which makes him be away from home for weeks at a time, they recruit Winston to the project; hence the store’s name, The 3/4 Café and Bookshop
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    W & S

    Linnéa introduces Winston to her friend Samuel. After shenanigans- and some sneaky help from Lin- they start dating.