Wilbur Soot Timeline

  • Before Fame

    Before Fame
    Wilbur was born in Suffolk, England on September 14, 1996, but he grew up in Brighton, East Sussex.
  • The First Video

    The First Video
    The first video dates back to May 6, 2008. It consists of many IRL videos of the two boys seemingly acting out roleplay scenarios, and even two gaming walk-throughs.
  • Period: to

    The Editor Wilbur Arg

    From December 16, 2018, to February 23, 2019, there was an active ARG (Alternate Reality Game) made by Wilbur on the JackSucksAtLife channel. It has since ended but has since remained unsolved, though hoaxes about its supposed solution have emerged in subsequent years.
  • E-Girl Song Trilogy

    Wilbur released three comedy songs about an e-boy simping for and obsessing over an e-girl, I'm In Love With An E-Girl, Internet Ruined Me and Your New Boyfriend. These songs are a commentary on simping culture, mocking the misogynistic behaviours within it. He is playing a character in these videos/songs.[6] These songs are all part of the same storyline, highlighted by the repetition of the “She’s beauty, she’s grace” lyric and the retro computer theme present in all three released songs.
  • Internet Ruined Me {song}

    Internet Ruined Me {song}
    the protagonist is in his early twenties. He has become an e-boy, “[I] spend all my time on social media, this is the state that I’m in”, and has embodied the mentality through being depressed due to the e-girl breaking off their relationship.
  • Dream Smp Roleplay

    Dream Smp Roleplay
    Wilbur is also known for playing on Dream's Minecraft server, DreamSMP. He created the “independent nation” of L'Manberg on July 31st, 2020 as stated in one of his videos. He was accompanied by TommyInnit, Fundy, Tubbo and Eret. Dream, Punz and Sapnap weren't happy with what Wilbur was doing so declared war on L'Manberg. Link text
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  • Brighton Meetup

    Brighton Meetup
    On August 8th, Wilbur met up with his friends Ph1LzA, TommyInnit, Fundy and Niki in Brighton. This was documented in a vlog posted by Tommy. After going to the arcade and purchasing 2 "vlog guns" (nerf guns) in return for arcade tickets, Tommy, along with Wilbur's housemate & fellow Soothouse member David, stole Wilbur's wallet and office key to gain access into his office where he streams. Tommy started streaming and was interrupted after 5 minutes by Wilbur.
  • Your New Boyfriend {song}

    Your New Boyfriend {song}
    the protagonist is aged 26 and works a 9-5 office job. He is self-aware that he lacks social skills, but doesn’t see this as a disadvantage, and is “one click away from” going insane, implying he could do something drastic online. He now has one singular regret in his life: that he isn't dating the e-girl.
  • Quotes

    -"2 to the 1, to the 1 to the 3, please get TommyInnit off my screen."
    -"[*Thumps table*] YEAH DADDY DREAM! Oh, wait, that came out wrong. Leader Dream, the big brother Dream!"
    -[Quoting Eret] "It was never meant to be." (*Blows up L'Manberg in front of Philza*)
    -"Any "wilbur smile"s in the chat?"
    -"I hate that gremlin child."
    -(to Ph1LzA) "Daddy please."
    -"Here, have some blue!"
    -"We'll get you another wife Phil, I have a gun."