1930s   history

Why Disarmament failed in the 1930s

  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    February 1932 The long-promised Disarmament Conference was finally formed
  • No Equality

    No Equality
    July 1932 Germany asked for all the other nations to disarm down to the same level as Germany has, however, when the Conference failed to keep the disarmament fair, Germany walked out on the Conference
  • Entspann Dich, Adolf

    Entspann Dich, Adolf
    September 1932 The British sent the Germans a note that promised them equality, but the tone of the note, angered the Germans even further
  • Happy now?

    Happy now?
    December 1932 Finally, there was an agreement to treat Germany fairly
  • The Return

    The Return
    January 1933 Germany decides to come back into the Conference
  • Sshhh

    February 1933 Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany, and immediately started to, secretly, rearm Germany
  • Can you keep your promise?

    Can you keep your promise?
    May 1933 Hitler promised, that if in five years time, all the other nations had destroyed their armies, he would not rearm Germany
  • The Plan

    The Plan
    June 1933 Britain made a grand disarmament plan
  • Out :)

    Out :)
    October 1933 Hitler pulled out from the Disarmament Conference, and soon afterwards pulled Germany out of the League as well
  • The End

    The End
    1934 The Disarmament Conference had finally failed and ended by 1934