Who Stole Christmas

  • Visitng

    Con I. Van was visited twice by Kleptopatic Jones last week.
  • Period: to

    Events leading up to Robbery

    Before the robbery
  • Visiting 2

    Hypnotic Harry visited Rush N. Roulette last week.
  • Suspect on the move

    Immediately after the visit, Rush N. Roulette visited the BMW dealership.

    Kleptopatric Jones and Sultan Siren were seen shopping at IKEA the night before the theft.
  • Question

    Rush N Roulette asked Santa how fast the sleigh would go without all nine reindeer.
  • Tea time

    Santa had a snack with his new elf at 2 pm.
  • Is that you Santa?

    An elf thought he saw Santa near the sleigh at 4 pm but Santa was drugged and fast asleep in his workshop until 11 pm.
  • Period: to

    The Robbery

    The crime span
  • Early Morning

    A Santa suit marked “Santa’s” was found in Varna. The odometer on Santa's sleigh has been tampered with.
  • Lost

    Officer Rudolf the red nosed reindeer is missing!
  • Period: to


    After the crime
  • Ivestigtation Day

    Rush N Roulette was found at the BMW dealership wanting to know how much he could get for a slightly used sleigh.
    Con I Van was found at The Mall at Starbucks drinking a Toffee Nut Latte and gingerbread cake.
    Hypnotic Harry was found at the pharmacy buying cortisone cream for a rash.
    Kleptopatic Jones was found at the hair dresser getting her hair dyed dark red. The hairdresser reported the Kleptopatric’s hair.

    Rudolf was found sleeping off a gingerbread feast in a barn north of Varna. The investigation begins.
  • Evidence Collection

    Kleptopatic Jones has been known to use the sleeping powder "Rockabyebaby" which is a derivative of chocolate. Sultana Siren has been known to use the sleepingpowder "Warmfuzzyteddy" which is a derivative of lactose.
    Rockabyebaby sleeping powder has many of the same chemical properties as baking soda Warmfuzzyteddy sleeping powder has many of the same chemical properties as cornstarch.Hypnotic Harry is a contortionist.Mrs. Claus always uses a pen with ink type 1.