Who killed Mr. Webster?

  • The group entered the Pentagon

    This is when they started working on the secret project nicknamed "Rosebud".
  • Signals are sent to Dee Leeter

    These signals were sent and Dee fall in love with Richard Webster. We think that Del sent these signals and this lead Dee to kill Webster.
  • Del sends threat message to Webster

    On this date Del sent a threat message to Mr. Webster askining for "another chance". In a taped memo made by Mr. Webster that day Webster says he wants to "fire his cousin" which might be why Del sent his message to Webster.
  • Period: to

    Taped memos created by Webster

    These memos give us some valuable information. The first memo tells us that Richard is going to fire his cousin (Del Packard) and change his will, so that Del won't recieve anything if Webster dies. The other memos state his dislike of Coder, Gottmale, and rita, so that gives us another reason why we think that they stole the program.
  • Group exited the Pentagon

    On this day, Richard Webster was killed in his office. At 7:00, the doors to the Pentagon were once again unlocked, so the group of people working for Richard in the Pentagon could leave. The investigation of the crime started on this day.
  • Rosebud is stolen

    On this day the secret project "Rosebud" was stolen by Rita Wright, Hugh Gottmale, and Justin Coder.
  • Investigation begins

    The investigation of Richard Webster's murder began.
  • Richard Webster is knocked out by Rita Wright

    Rita used halcion to make Webster fall unconcious. Later on, Dee killed Webster who was helpless at this time.
  • Dee plants Del's gloves that she used to kill Webster with in Hugh's office.

    Dee used gloves belonging to Del in order to kill Webster. She did this so that nobody could see her fingerprints on the mouse cord wrapped around Webster's neck. She later planted those gloves in Hugh's office so that nobody would suspect that she killed Webster.
  • Period: to

    Information is collected about the crime

  • Rosebud is discovered to be a mind control program

    We think that Del used this program on Dee that made her eventually kill Webster.
  • Del Packard is found guilty for killing Webster

    Del Packard used the mind control program Rosebud to convince Dee to kill Webster for him. We think that Dee is innocent because she could not really control her actions while she was still under the influence of the mind control program.