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Who is a Hero?

  • Heroes: Subway Hero

    Heroes: Subway Hero
    Definition of Hero: sacrifice personal needs and wants to help others, also putting oneself in danger for someone else
    Subway Hero: saw a person's life in danger, put himself in danger in trying to save his life; heroic; courageous
  • Roy Benavidez

    Roy Benavidez
    "a kind of madness"
    Even though bleeding from a dozen wounds, he did not leave until he had everyone rescued in Vietnam War; very courageous; selfless; daring; definitely a hero.
    These kinds of people deserve to be specially recognized between other heroes.
  • Interview: Kristi Quillen

    Interview: Kristi Quillen
    Lives in Costa Rica and helps people there.
    A different kind, but still a hero even if not as distinguishable as Roy Benavidez.
    Let go of her comforts in USA to help people there
  • Heroes in Lituerature Discussion

    Heroes in Lituerature Discussion
    The characters are definitely heroes.
    Authors could be considered partially heroic since they have the courage to create these heroes; they spread the heroic thoughts, inspiring many people to be heroes.
  • Choosing Helen Keller

    Choosing Helen Keller
    I finally chose a hero, Helen Keller.
    I don't know much about her, but it will be interesting and inspiring to learn about a deaf and blind girl's struggles to become successful in this world.
    I will probably end up thinking of her as a hero.
  • "Change the World" power point

    "Change the World" power point
    definition of hero broadened; people who are courageous and sacrifice their needs and wants to help others could be considered heros too.
    different categories of heros
    all of them had courage of various kinds
    many put other before themselves like Mother Theresa
    some inspired like Beethoven
    many influenced others like the Wright Brothers
    some were selfless like Tuesday Muse
    Some risked lives like Wesely Autrey
  • "Change the World" power point

    "Change the World" power point
    watched videos regarding different views on changing the world:
    Hugh Laurie says we don't know what to do.
    Badly Drawn Boy - shares and spreads his love to make changes; reminded me of Gandhi; a role model
    John Mayer - everyone's waiting for the world to change; melodramatic; disagree
    What's Your Policy?- one person help someone and starts a chain reaction by setting a good example; contradiction of Mayer's view; people can change the world even by doing little things
  • "Changing the World" power point

    "Changing the World" power point
    watched two songs and a poem on it
    agree and disagree with the songs; we should listen to adults, not ignore them, but we shouldn't let them control our actions; the youth can change the world
    the poem was amazing; hopeless and negative at first, but decides to change, and becomes positive and hopeful and confident in the youth; agree; the shift is happening little by little currently
  • A Horrible Child!

    A Horrible Child!
    I definitely did not expect Helen to be this bad in her childhood. Between age 5 to 7, she locked her mother up for three hours and sat there laughing! Then she could have killed her baby sister if her mother hadn't caught the baby! She was certainly not a hero in her childhood. It was probably because she was spoiled, being blind and deaf.
  • Change in Helen

    Change in Helen
    Her naughty childhood reiterates how much Anne Sullivan affected Helen. She channeled all of her energy into learning to communicate. In a way, Miss Sullivan was like an author, creating the hero Helen Keller became. Anne Sullivan herself could be considered a hero for putting up with Helen's tricks in the beginning (like getting locked up in a room) and still having the patience to teach her.
  • Appreciation

    I don't know how Helen describes the setting so beautifully, despite never having seen it all. Perhaps her teacher helped her. I am enjoying reading about her thoughts and actions. She probably appreciates communicating her ideas more than we do since she had to go through many challenging years to achieve it. It shows us how many things we just take for granted.
  • Sharing Passages

    Sharing Passages
    It was interesting to learn about other people's heroes, to see who they think is a hero. Many of the people would be interesting to read about. Actually hearing a witness's account of Dr. Mengele was fascinating, but the horrors being described were dreadful.