Whitney Larson TheLast Song total pgs.390

  • Ch 1-10 pgs 1-97

    Ronnie goes to North Carolina to spend the summer with her dad. She gets there, but doesn't wantto be there. She ditches her dad and ignores her mom. She goes to the fair. She runs into Will. She becomes friends with Blaze and meets Marcus. She eventually goes to her dads house. total pgs. 983
  • Ch 11-18pgs 98-193

    Ronnie continues to ignore her father but he is very patient with her. She hangsout with Blaze until Blaze gets herin trouble because Blaze thinks that Ronnie is trying to still marcus fromher. Ronnie begins to hang out with Will more and more. Ronnies dad and her brother Jonah are working on a stained glass window together. total pgs 1079
  • Ch 19- 28 pgs 194-292

    Will and Ronnie hang out even more. They are happy together but Marcus is getting jealous and wants to ruin Ronnie's life. She has to go to court because of what Blaze did to her. She made Ronnie look like she was shop lifting.Ronnie goes on several dates with Will. Ronnie and her Dad are talking more. Totalpgs 1178
  • Ch 29-37 pgs 293-390

    Ronnie's dad is very sick. He has cancer. He is so ill that Ronnie and Will help Jonah finish the stained glass window. Her dad dies and Ronnie and Will go their seperate ways. Until Will comes and goes to college in New York were Ronnie auditioned and is going to go to Jullliard. total pgs. 1276