When the Land was freed and in return it homed the Brave

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  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    In order to raise funds to pay off the recent war, the British decided to tax almost all paper goods used in the colonies. Enraged by all the taxes the colonists started boycotts on these goods, starting our long time hatred for stamps.
  • The Sons of Liberty

    The Sons of Liberty
    This secret organization was created to help fight for the European Colonists' rights and were one of the biggest resisters of the new found taxes placed on the colonists. The Sons of Liberty started with just nine men, The Loyal Nine and quickly expanded into the historical figures we know today.
  • Townshend Act

    Townshend Act
    After two years of the stamp act being in affect, the British saw the potential of exploiting the colonists' taxes as a way to fund England. The Townshend act was then placed to tax any imports the colonists received from Great Britain, Including but not limited to, paper, paint, glass, lead, and that sweet sweet sugar free tea. Learn more here
  • The Boston Blood Bath

    The Boston Blood Bath
    The Boston Massacre is one of the biggest eye openers for the colonies and was also one of the main reasons that many took arms up against the British. That night a troop of British soldiers opened fire on colonists and killed 5 people and injured more.
  • Common Sense Hits the Streets

    Common Sense Hits the Streets
    This book was read by George Washington before he crossed the Delaware Christmas Eve. The book was written by Thomas Paine and was published anonymously, the book was made available to the public and spoke of the illogical British rule over the colonies.
  • Declaration of independence

    Declaration of independence
    America Declares it's independence. An interesting fact is that John Handcock was the only one to sign the declaration of independence on July 4th, everyone else signed it after. learn more interesting facts here
  • Articles of confederation

    Articles of confederation
    Instead of a national government, the states had all the real power. This was because people were afraid of becoming a monarchy like the British
  • Treaty of Paris signed

    Treaty of Paris signed
    This treaty is what finally ended the Revolutionary war. In the painting shown here, the British refused to stay so that the artist could paint them. now it is known as the unfinished painting
  • 3/5 compromise

    3/5 compromise
    Slaves were being counted as 3/5 of a person when it came to things such as taxes
  • Great Compromise

    Great Compromise
    Large and small States were all given equal representation
  • Constitution is Ratified

    Constitution is Ratified
    The constitution was voted upon. By law, we require at least three quarters of the states to agree to vote on something even if congress has approved it
  • Bill of Rights adopted

    Bill of Rights adopted
    The Bill of Rights was adopted so that the states would be protected and the government could not abuse them
  • Period: to

    The Enlightenment

    Intellectual and Philosophical movement during the 18th century. This opened the adventurous world to new religions and new philosophies on many different aspects to life.
  • Period: to

    F&I War

    The French and Indian war was a long battle that would decide who (French or British) would be the dominating power in North America. The British won, which resulted in them gaining huge amounts of territory