When Katniss gets helped

  • Katniss recieved help from her father.

    When her father taught her how to hunt useing a bow and arrow. He taught her this knowing that the day will come when he passes away and she will be the person to support the family.
  • Katniss recieved help from Peeta.

    Peeta purposly burn't the bread so his mother would say throw it out. Instead he gave it to Katniss. Even though he knew that once he got back in he would get hit.
  • Katniss recieved help from the market people and the peace keepers.

    When Katniss would return from hunting with Gale, the market people and peacekeepers would trade with her for whatever she needed. As long as it was a fair trade.
  • Katniss recieved help from Peeta's father.

    Peeta's father. Peeta's father: the baker, promissed to make sure Prim and her mother are fed and taken care of. Katniss is relieved to know that someone will be looking after her family, when she is in the games so it's one less thing to worry about.
  • Katniss recieved help from Cinna and his fellow stylists

    Cinna and his fellow stylists cleaned Katniss. Cinna made her look amazing, she would be remembered as "The girl who was on fire". And Cinna was the one person in the Capital that she could trust>
  • Katniss recieved help from Rue.

    Rue spotted out the Tracker Jacket nest to Katniss to warn her. This also gave Katniss the idea to drop it on the Careers below and be able to escape them.
  • Katniss recieved help from Peeta.

    Peeta tells Katniss to run when Cato was comming, in hopes to save her from a horrible death from Cato.Peeta was willing to put himself inches from death to save her and he would rather have himself dead then her because he thinks no one will miss him if he is dead..
  • Katniss recieved help from Haymitch

    When Katniss got the horrible burn on her leg from the explosion, Haymitch sends her a healing medicine from her sponsors, in hopes of her victory.
  • Katniss recieved help from Thresh.

    Clove was torturing Katniss, making it a slow and horrible death, when Thresh yanks Clove off of Katniss and kills her. He then find out Katniss was Rue's allie, And Thresh's way to pay her back for defending her was to let her live really thats the only thing he could've done at that moment before Cato was there.
  • Katniss recieved help from Haymitch.

    When Katniss and Peeta are getting ready for the interviews, Haymitch warns Katniss that the President is very angry. He strongly dissapproved with her idea of eating the berries so Peeta and herself could win, because it made him look like a fool. She must show it was only because she was deeply inlove.