The Hunger Games

  • Reaping Day

    Reaping Day
    When Prim gets picked to be a tribute in the Hunger Games ,her older sister, Katniss takes her place. Then, for the boy tribute, Peeta is chosen, who is the Baker's son.
  • The Capital

    The Capital
    Katniss and Peeta arrive in the capital, and went to their stylists. Katniss's stylist is Cinna, and Peeta's is Portia. They are dressed in black outfits with jewels that catch on fire. Whle she was being pulled on a charoit by a horse, she earned her name "The Girl who was on Fire."
  • Training

    In the morning, Katniss and Peeta wake up, eat breakfast, then head to the training center. They are told to stick together so they train together for a couple of days.
  • The Interviews

    The Interviews
    After training, all of the tributes have interviews with Caesar Flickerman. For this event, Katniss is wearing a dress that fits her nickname as "The girl who was on fire." Also this is when Peeta tells Katniss he likes her on live televison.
  • The Games Begin

    The Games Begin
    On the first day of the Hunger Games, Katniss is not allowed to see Peeta. So she goes with Cinna and gets dressed for the games. When the games start, all she can grab is a backpack, but in the process, she is nearly stabbed.
  • Day 2 of the Hunger Games

    Day 2 of the Hunger Games
    When Katniss awakes in the morning she hears lots of footsteps. It turns out it's the tributes for 1, 2, 3, and 4 ,the careers. Then she hears the voice of Peeta, and knows he's traveling with them. She hears that there talking about killing a girl, and knows they're talking about her.
  • Tracker Jackers

    Tracker Jackers
    After Katniss is almost killed by flaming balls that the gamemakers sent after her, she heads to a tree to sleep. The she wakes up today and she meets her future alliance, Rue. Rue tells Katniss to cut down the nest containing the poisoness sting of Tracker Jackers, and it lands on the sleeping careers.
  • Rue is gone.

    Rue is gone.
    Katniss wakes up to a cannon. She sees the Careers are gone, and walks in the stream to hide her footprints. The she goes lookng for Rue, and desides to wait in a tree just incase Rue or the Careers come. Then she hears a little girl scream, and goes to find Rue with a spear in her body. She kills the Career and Rue's final request for Katniss to win the games.
  • There can be two

    There can be two
    Katniss spends her day hunting and walking, but when night comes around she hears a voice, It is Claudius Templesmith and he tells her that there was a change in the rules and both a boy and a girl from the same tribute can win.
  • Saved in time

    Saved in time
    Katniss wakes up, and heads to the feast. She then starts to run for her pack when Clove attacks her. Clove starts to cut Katniss's face with knives when Thresh, the boy tribute from 11 where Rue came from, killed Clove. He then asked Katniss what happened to Rue, and lets Katniss go. When she got back to the cave she injected Peeta with the medicine, and fainted from the lose of blood.
  • Katniss saves Peeta

    Katniss saves Peeta
    When Katniss and Peerta wake up, they notice the stream is dried up, so they know they have to head for the lake by the cornucopia. They sit by the lake waiting for Cato when they suddenly hear running footsteps. Cato is running form mutant wolves. They all climb the cornucopia and Cato is sufficating Peeta. Katniss then knocks Cato off the cornucopia and while the wolves are eating him, she finishes him off with her bow,
  • Poison Berries

    Poison Berries
    After Cato is dead, Claudius makes an announcement that there can only be one winner. So Katniss pulls out the poison berries she picked earlier in the story. As soon as they both go to eat them, Claudius interupts and says they can both win.
  • Victorious

    When Katniss wakes up, she is told she cant see Peeta until the ceromony so she gets ready with Cinna. At the ceremony, she kisses Peeta. They then watch the replies of the games and head back to the training center to get ready to leave.
  • Train Home

    Train Home
    On the train ride home, Peeta learns that Katniss does not actually like him and she was just acting that way on stage because thats how Haymitch tells her to act.
  • Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home
    Katniss doesn't see Peeta in the morning. When she sees the platform of District 12 she sees Peeta out of the corner of her eye holding out his hand to her. He saies "One more time? For the audience?" In a hollow voice. So Katniss takes his hand, and is dreading the moment she has to let go.