when fairytales attack

  • Dec 16, 1402

    the beggin of the war

    the war started when people didnt believe in fairys, Peter Pan got very angry because tinkerbell was dying> so he decided to gang up on the humans with the 7 Dwarfs and Snow white to start the battle plans and attack
  • Aug 27, 1403

    The First Attack

    The first place that the fairytales decided to have as there target was England. The king and queen had some knowledge on the attack but the didnt know they were against fairytale land...
  • Jul 4, 1404

    staying guard

    after the first attack, the english warned everyone.they gathered there tropps the catched a couple fairys and used there dust to make some people fly. cinderella's fairy god mother had a struggle but was winning against 10 guards. thats when the three blind mice got stepped on
  • Feb 14, 1405

    the end

    the war ended only because of two reasons pinochio and a human fell in love and the humans surrenered even thought they still fight on one day they are bound to have another attack... but from the underworld...