Weston, Dylan, Chris, columbine timeline

  • term psychopath introduced-40

    used to describe vicious human predators
  • Period: to

    weston, dylan, chris, columbine timeline

  • Period: to

    chris,weston, dylan, columbine timeline

  • Dr. Hervey Cleckl-40

    Revolutionized the understanding of psychopathy.
  • APD-40

    antisocial personality disorder was introduced in the 1970s
  • Period: to

    chris, weston, dylan columbine timeline

  • Period: to


  • Eric begins counseling sessions -39

    Eric meets with Andrea Sanchez and begins his counseling sessions. He also begins drug screening.
  • Eric writes in his journal -39

    Eric takes a spiral notebook and begins writing about how he hates the world.
  • Eric writes in his journal -39

    Eric writes that his attack will be like the LA riots, the Oklahoma bombing, WWII, vietnam, duke and doom all mixed together. He also thought that this attack could start a revolution.
  • Dr. Fuselier reads "The Book of God" -39

    Dr. Fuselier began to read Erics journal a few days after the shooting and then realizes that Eric was a psychopath.
  • wisconsin juvenile treatment center -40

    2006 study shows that people that attended the treatment center in wisconsin were 2.7 times less likely to become violent than kids in other programs with similar scores.
  • Dr. Kiehl did research on physcopaths -40

    he mapped out 500 brains at three prisons. 20 percent met the criteria for psychopathy. He believes that this study answers alot about the causes and treartment of physcopathy.