Western Expansion Timeline

By cyanj01
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    Western Expansion

  • Native Americans

    By the year of 1807, small parts of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Choctaws populations were moved from their home into Arkansas, East Texas, and other Indian Territory
  • AO Treaty

    Treaty of Adams-Onis signed
  • Florida Acquired

    Florida acquired by United States from Florida
  • Mexico Surrendered, California acquiared

    Some time during the year of 1847 Mexico surrendered California to John C. Fremont, which also ended the Mexican-American war
  • Gold Found

    James Wilson Marshall found first sight of gold in California
  • Miners

    By the month of August, 4,000 miners moved to California
  • James K. Polk

    President James K. Polk announced news about the Gold Rush to the east coast.
  • California

    By the end of the year 1849, there were around 100,000 native people living in California
  • California a US state

    Califorina became an official US state