western civ

By 81079
  • 200


    Art- The art changed a bit, they still painted nude pictures of the bodies but now they painted realistic women.
    things were good
  • 476

    middle ages

    art- the peoples bodies were very unrealistic they looked weird and unreal, they used very boribng colors like blue gold and red
    Fall of rome- things wern't good the plauge effected a lot of people killing many. times were rough
  • Nov 21, 1300


    art- pictures were very improved they mastered 3d looking art and the objects looked very real, they also found out how to make things have different light shades on them.
  • Nov 21, 1521


    very religious; marten luther king put the 95 theses on the church door and caused a fued
  • spanish armanda

    spain sent ships to england- alot expecting to win the battle but england won with only 30 ships
  • scientific revolutuion

    without this time of history we wouldnt be as mathmaticlly, scientificlly smart
    gallio- proved that nomatter wat size, the will hit the ground at the same rate.
  • king louis XIV

    very selfish king, he thought he was the best person in the world; he made people do his everywish and raised taxes to build his palace
  • gloriuos rev

  • enlightment

    study of human life
    montesquie- 3branches of gov
    voltaire- free speech
    cesare beccaria- criminal rights
    mary wollstonecraft- womans rights
  • Greece

    Art- loved painting nude pictures that were idealistic of men.
    very beautiful buildings, inspired us today