Karl Popper

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  • Birth

  • The Logic of Scientific Discovery

    The Logic of Scientific Discovery, originally published in 1934 and published in English in 1959, is a book about the philosophy of science. Focused mainly on the idea of falsifiability and the flaws of verifiability, Popper argued that "non-reproducible single occurrences are of no significance to science." These ideas can be illustrated in the "all swans are white" fallacy.
  • The Poverty of Historicism

    The Poverty of Historicism is a book published in 1957 in which Popper argues the uncertainty of historicism. He defines historicism as "an approach to the social sciences which assumes that historical prediction is their principal aim...".
  • The Propensity Interpretation of Probability

    The Propensity Interpretation of Probability is a journal article written by Karl Popper in 1959. He separated interpretations into two main classes - subjective and objective. Subjective interpretations, he said, dealt with incomplete knowledge and objective interpretations could be tested by the use of statistical tests.
  • Conjectures and Refutations

    Conjectures and Refutations is a book that summarized Karl Popper's thoughts on the philosophy of science. He argued that all scientific theories are opinions based on incomplete information and therefore must be treated as such and challenged the the utmost degree.
  • Death

  • Karl Popper, Science, & Pseudoscience: Crash Course Philosophy #8