Weapon Tech Timine

  • 590

    Flint Bomb

    Flint Bomb
    Invention of the Flint Bomb by the Mayans. The flint bomb was basically a bright, hot fire
  • Jan 1, 660

    Metallic weapons

    Metallic weapons
    The mayans invented simple and often useless matallic weapons that were not usually sharp or hard.
  • Jan 1, 1450

    Cannons And Flint Locks

    Cannons And Flint Locks
    Cannons and Flint locks are first used by the Europeans and would later become a major influence in North America
  • Jan 1, 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus
    Columbus "discovers" North America and starts an era of trade between the two contenents that exchanged goods and ideas, including weapons.
  • Bayonets

    Sébastien de Vauban's socket bayonet is introduced creating entire new strategies for armed warfare.
  • American Revolutionary War

    American Revolutionary War
    The revolutionary war invented new guerilla warfare tactics that are still used today by out numbered and/or gunned forces
  • Metal Cartrage

    Metal Cartrage
    The self-contained metal cartridge with a percussion cap in its base was invented by a gunsmith named Houiller in Paris and gainned usage quickly
  • Machine Gun

    Machine Gun
    Hiram Maxim demonstrates the first prototype of his machine gun, using the recoil force to eject the spent cartridge and insert a new one.
  • German U-boat

    German U-boat
    The first German U-boat sets sail. In WW1 shipping would be serverly hindered by U-boat raids.
  • Battleships

    A battleship weapons race is started and is capped off by the HMS Dreadnought
  • Airplanes

    The Vickers Fighting Biplane No 1 is unveiled in London at the Olympia Aero Show as the world's first purpose-built fighter plane creating a new front in warfare
  • Tanks

    The first tanks were introduced although they did not catch on until the stalemates of the trench warefare in WW1
  • Geneva Convention

    The Geneva Convention was a set of rules applied to make ware less "violent" by outlawing some of the most vicious types of warfare such as chiemical, gass, and biological warfare.
  • Atomic Bomb Warning

    Atomic Bomb Warning
    German-born US physicist Albert Einstein writes to President Roosevelt, warning of the potential of an atomic bom
  • V-2 Rockets

    V-2 Rockets
    the German V-2 rocket is successfully tested by Wernher von Braun and his team at Peenemünde
  • 2000 BC Bow and arrow

    2000 BC Bow and arrow
    Bows and arrows were used